Saturday, January 31, 2015

Only once the seconds

Only once the seconds
twice in thirds go
forth for a fifth of
Time - half a dozen
is still six and seven
will remain still until
the eighth moves - IF
nine is a target for all
but one on a scale of
ten - then the Eleventh
hour rests at midnight
ding ~ dong ~ dang me
with dung for teen thirteen
will bring us the fifteenth
Time to a sweet sixteenth vessel
of just seventeen, if you
know what I mean - AND
18 is enough to vote for
NINEteen when 20 is
a "2" and a zero - but
twentyone goes back so
far for me now it was
a much larger one
then, there...

Friday, January 30, 2015

I have swallowed guitar

I have swallowed guitar
picks and choked on the
chords, but I never danced
at my mothers wedding nor
she at mine… There was
this girl I knew back when
we was youngsters and plaid
was goofy until it wasn't
years later… It was
then that I knew about
those last replaced voltage
regulators and how it all made
such a splash in the unfortunate
daughters diary - Why didn't we
see that train coming as it
was written that we would!!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

All the papers are buried

All the papers are buried
with subtle energy to
convince the rightful
heirs that they need not
argue over things that in
the long Time do not matter.
It has come to our attention
recently that the plus AND MINUS
columns have been deleted for
ALL parties concerned AND any
MIDWIVES left standing with
nothing to bother should leave
early and expect heavy RAIN
AND WIND in these financial forecasts.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Instead of instead we
could seize the power
chords and start up a
to hold us over until we
done with parochial school
- This way if we fudge
the figures of plain
Jane's Reign of Pain we
could get some over Time
during the course of exemplary
wishes for all our vast
knowledge of custom
built Legos - Der…

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Harder she said as the
Dove of Peace sang a
song by John Lennon - we
have come to a shallow
under coat which is rem-
iniscent of bad eights films
- All Dude and No WHY -
when the players who snuck
into the theatre of this sphere
begin to forget their lives we
can all just go home and get
our deposits back from the
music store…OH How electric
it all was then -

Monday, January 26, 2015

Go ask any Hero what
makes them one. The
real heroes don't think of
themselves as such - Real
heroes are people who give
of themselves for a greater
cause than themselves - total
and utter selflessness - An
ultimate unselfish act -
regardless of the price they
would have to pay - whether
life, limb or career or what,
A Hero's worth is measured by
others, not themselves, but by
their actions affecting people.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

As your hair cascades

As your hair cascades
over my alumni and
recedes into an echo of
heavy breaths of excitement

- I relish my Time of once
exceedingly refreshment and
summon the voodoo girl
from Castro Convertible
jingles on AM radio
while I count the bathers
from my Mom's window
on South Orange Avenue

- we were innocent ONCE //

Saturday, January 24, 2015

collapsable stairs for

collapsable stairs for
Travel - comes complete
with Love handles, customs
forms, ready made urinal,
top secret decoder ring, UseD
tOboggan, cheese slicer, sixty
four GiG Flash drive, bucket
seats, ice bucket, bucket o'
chicken, bucket o' water,
kick the bucket, rug remnants,
10 pounds of bacon, an itsy-bitsy
teeny weenie yellow polka dot
bikini, seven swans a swimming,
A map of New Jersey, and AN
Antique Porcelain Submarine…

Friday, January 23, 2015

It's not about changing

It's not about changing
you - Not about swaying
any opinions of your
pride or the onions
of your snide - or the
callous of your callouses
- or the Decades of your
Humour - or the once
bright lights that need
a few new bulbs - or
the Time you sleep in
- or the trips you're never
taken - NO, it was always
just about listening >.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Too many combo - Nations

Too many combo - Nations
to count on one hand and
two feet and another hand
Left un-sung - Do you
still want to go to the dance
and kiss some boys in
the darkness of the play

ARE you one
of us or am I a bother?

If we get home before dawn
can we talk about the
future with your mom
at the kitchen table?

She always has the
nicest things to say…

remember that time we got
annoyed at the electron
flow because we didn't
have a spare bulb between
all of our totally dim friends

- it was this gallery of
pleasures that took me by
surprise until my feet
got stuck in the mud -

Let's make a pact to
always see which way
is easiest to get my
grease dissolved.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

It's an old tired world

It's an old tired world

- we build it up and tear
it down over and over
again until the Time has
worn out it's meaning

- surface tension is not
only withstanding but
plugs in our irony cause
deep swelling in the fabric
of being

- if we can
get out from under this
spell of caucasoid filter
guards we could call the game
on account of darkness:]

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

OH we wiggle and we jiggle

OH we wiggle and we jiggle
and we shake and we quake
amidst the lonely and the
souly and the desire of what
they make - once the heart
is robbed of passion and
the deed is mute of fashion
only then will our admittance
gain acceptance to the void

- The void of truth the void
of gravity the void of Time's
great grandparents whose virtues
include what soulmate we
possess in a gravy worth it's salt.

Monday, January 19, 2015

I sit humble and perched in

I sit humble and perched in
this room of absurd with
thoughts all a crumble and
speech all a mumble my shift
feels a tumble to rhyme in
a feast of beauty the beast
on ground made of wheat and
corn by the EVIL CORP IN_CORP
or ate it but it made me
sick in my pancreas unseen
so I trust the beautiful female
asian doctor who touched my feet
and smiled - I Swear!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Clean my plate for you so

Clean my plate for you so

we can suffer together in

Solitude - each Blanket is

a lie - each Pillow is a

falsehood - each Spoon is

a fraction of many such truths

so we should honor our

portions given and Move

along to thanks that our

humble turns at darkness

will forestall our needs to adjust

AND as we swear only a

just fraction is needed.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

what your heart disconcerns

what your heart disconcerns
me as i heard about theory
in Time's awakening - go from
there to take punches from
disrupted plans built of
dreams watery crochet - we
must kiss this farther
than if we think about
air's fallen rescue or else
my traffic gets short
as the night purses
it's slip and veil.

Friday, January 16, 2015

OH, have you heard the story of

OH, have you heard the story of
tackless tasteless, wanton waste on
all the hollowed shows of LINA
and what response to cheeks of
children caught between suffer
and Bliss - between arrogance
and healing - between almost and
never - between  gravity and mass
between Space and Time between
reality and justice which will
only exist if the graft proceeds
into the right pockets and all
Lower classes should learn the
hard lessons of this life?

Not while I breathe.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sanity by my own definition

Sanity by my own definition
is the overabundance of wonder
through perceptions, sheer
ecstasy by pleasure taken
in large doses, responsibility
to loved ones and moral
causes for a better Life, doing
what you love to do, and
being content with who you
are by becoming that -
thoughts about all this and
more, and realizing how everything
is connected by verse in all
the senses /////////////////

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Holes escape easily once

Holes escape easily once
your GLIDE is focused on
SPACE AND the TIME lying
around it - Yes we have
joined together in an easy
chorus of faint echoes in
the Atmospheric redundancy

- A closed set if the UNION
rep has his way - No matter
that's my uncle in the
doorway holding up the
line selling used holograms
to nuns willing to turn
their cheeks for the NAZI
pope and his master.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Dripping verbs in a sea

Dripping verbs in a sea
of conscience meanderings

- soft Daisy churns butter
during the time finals
of A fore gone conclusion
within reach of Bell Tower
Hermits who quit the church
to become Asterisks on
condition of mass appeal

- Having Lost The nouns
carried in my pocket I was
happy to find an adjective
placed in the fold of my
dress and left the church
with no remorse...

Monday, January 12, 2015

Expect too much of

Expect too much of
random thoughts, peoples
memories, events witnessed,
Times of goodness and
badness and you will set
yourself up for broken
heart, frustrated mind,
and disenchanted spirit.
What did they say?
Where did they go?
Who will it hurt?
It will hurt the birds at
dawn and dusk - The Sun
when it hides on the
other side of the planet
- the moon when it figures
out where you've played
and the old rascal Time
who waits for no one but
passes us by in the greatest
hurry ever noticed.
Call me tomorrow when
you get a chance - just
don't be late should
I ask -

Sunday, January 11, 2015

VOTE your conscience at

VOTE your conscience at

your own table of

personal recipes to feed

your people - you must

be strong and able to

resemble those you can

help and bring Not only

Joy and smiles, but care

and needs distributed.

Once this plays parts in

your life, full spirits

relinquish good energy

Across barriers of space

in this the TIME.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

No Artform is totally pure

No Artform is totally pure
- Once A medium is used
in the application, no matter
the discipline, the purity is
essentially lost - Some do
retain more aspects of their
Pureness depending on the
Presentation, but not the
total purity that artists in
the quest for truth need
to justify their guilty pleasure
of expression from deep within.
The boundaries of Human perception
to equal the communication of ideas
and aesthetics… Now Thought is
another story… more later.

Friday, January 9, 2015

OLD MEN in high places

OLD MEN in high places
order evil deeds done and hide
their lying faces - WE
should show them what
happens to OLD MEN who
take advantage - AH, but
Time is our Allie and not
theirs - Time is their mortal
enemy and will catch them
unawares - Hopefully with
their pants down and fully
embarrassed while we don't
mind our pants down cause
all else of ours has been down
already with Time on our

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Brain cells going the

Brain cells going the
way of all flesh

- sometimes the demons
win but most win
outside of my temple

- I tried to stay fit
except for my shirts

- only Time will
stop speaking to me
once it ends

- Best way out is
the door you came
in through /// ( .

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

ALL my brethren & sisthren we

ALL my brethren & sisthren we
have arrived at this pinnacle
with an array of diction to
distinguish our extinguish
of the english coin and spend
equals what a SAD day it
will be once all the shite
washes over us and then to
fully rejoice in he amalgam
of Time, Space, Gravity,
and fellatio of mathematics for
it's written, "he who does is
over was is-ness, or what
the fuck…" So you have
it - Dude.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

There's only one subscription

There's only one subscription
plan here that I'm interested in
- It's the one where I get
to read all the books that
you will never - Ever even
begin to understand the correct
meanings of - that includes
all reference to anything that
remotely resembles a cornerstone
of truth about who is really in charge
and (not to mention, but I will), all
the times that's so important to
those concerned with proper belt
buckles and whirly-gigs caused
by everlasting non committal lesbian
lovers linked by Rental contracts
being verbose.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Swimming, with Time

Swimming, with Time

As the life guard on

The ocean of gravity

Toward a quantum

Field of space and

Space holding a boat

Of electromagnetic

Spectrum with a

Crew of photons and

Other energy sailing

With a cargo of mass

And a captain who

Can breathe life

Into us |-.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

While we play in the dirt to

While we play in the dirt to

engage in polite conversation

in the playground of Time, it

occurs to our wisdom on account

that any moral debt incurred can

choose it's own misgiving for

concept renewal and market

changes the only metaphor

left in our structure holding

up space to a code of ethics

- which way does truth go
when the deceptions are being
rented by fortunes of men.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

you can't Not care for

you can't Not care for
what you claim is just
cause for dismissal from
humankind - Maybe such
can be done and maybe
such can not - but what
you profess in your profession
can ignite a spark in another
that can free flow into a
new inspire - do you
remember your passions
origins? what, no takers??

Friday, January 2, 2015

See us all run towards

See us all run towards
The scene of the crime
we watch as all manner of
remnants and immoral gain
begins to rot gut out in the
visible open air circus
prison what more could a
growing boy need - More
dragons perhaps? A nifty
place to ride your cycle of
choice in the well wishes
of truth? - Or some
vastly colored cushions
betwixt our asses and a
hard place defined more or
less by definition - And
what of sweet Mothers rings
and the box she kept them in
low these many years of
space and talk of warm
leather makes my head hurt
but not as much as a cotton
candy dress built from a kit=

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Time is gonna come - We

Time is gonna come - We

Left the mold for fear of

capture in the glaze of wanton

contrasts and scabs - it's

only natural that our hair

stands on end caught in the

Machine - the mechanism

geared to be disfunctioned by

all our pristine Truth and

most goodness prevail - when

Time comes we are willing

they are cursed it is written

              -- see ____^ : ===