Monday, August 31, 2015

What makes you thought

What makes you thought

for only real stress facts

within the ethereal estate

of cognitive cogs and

wheels of fire - Don't

give in to misguided mis-

fortune Love of Mythos

perplexed in a goverbmeat

state of total Bullshit

= come and get me


Sunday, August 30, 2015

The ways of the world and

The ways of the world and

what it should be doing. A

vast nature within us belonging

to the non-doubt of a universal

paint by numbers if you will

but I won't. I am my own

free person you see - not for

sale to none save those who

have a necessary fulfillment to

my own adore. Strive as

we will toward good for all

those encountered and put into

practice makes perfect sense as

I dream the dreams of kings but

prefer not to become one.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

When the wounded tree

When the wounded tree
leaves the city of
swollen fabric, and the
tides of past lives scars
an echo for eternities'
mistress, while dancing
in an oval petroglyph
sunbeam, we arrive.

Seeking a mathematical
solution to all this
designate pre-functional
neural spending, concedes
our destination through the
only discourse we will
ever need to follow.

Friday, August 28, 2015

What an outspoken genius

What an outspoken genius

you are to feign contempt

over A release with other

gods and hooligans - How

often in a life will we

encounter such a steady

diet of calamity at the

expense of free candy and

cigarettes. I'm almost just

tempted to resume that

habit just to piss off the

denizens of supposed cultural

annoyance - Oh…I'm sorry

have I done that again?

Thursday, August 27, 2015

You are the speaker given volume from

You are the speaker given volume from
the source within to voice all form of
vibration for the healing of the many.

Allow the vibe to heal in context all
ill acquired in universal fair through
multiple abuse by system management.

Give back this fundament of thus oral
prescribe so the many may have the
Truth to give strength of their causes.

Understand the power of Love as the
greatest of these to ride these waves
forever as being is being in always.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Can I put you down for

Can I put you down for
two dozen, the ill-informed
mutantator asked myself -
sure - that should last me until
the end of tomorrow or the
next century or until my beard
explodes whichever comes when.

And we sat and waited for almost
three centuries, me my dud of
a beard and Mona of Lisa-
villa - finally the ill-informed
one (now with heaps of smarts)
happened by and forgot the
two dozen - so we kept waiting...
- such is life…   _(your ad here)____________

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

What Time is it? it is

What Time is it? it is
Time when… Here we be
in the sphere of our current
what it is and there is no
one here who stays on this
assignment permanently - you
would think given that we'd
all be a little nicer but
history proves otherwise and
all those mo-fo's is dead
now - they've gone into another
sphere - every last one of them

- THE ones I have known here
and elsewhere - i look forward
to seeing them again with whatever
guise they are brought into…  ^   z     V

Monday, August 24, 2015

A tale of pity and woe

A tale of pity and woe

beneath our ancestors moon

we dance voraciously toward

an ideal of refrain - mist

before us aids our breath

on this a most moist encounter

with rampant appetite in

a most peculiar rendition

of Faust on a half shell -

Why does it rain for

sorrow when it is just

as important as the

sunshine's joy within?

Sunday, August 23, 2015

So a few years back I blew out

So a few years back I blew out
my eyeball in an exhibition
called 'detached retina', which
usually tears in the process and
mine had all the bells and whistles

- Plus I have Glaucoma, so my
eyes have gone down many roads
of whacky - Once I even got
hit with a paperclip via a heavy
duty rubber band, an we weren't
even in school at the time.

But I'm fine now except for
all the inter•dimensional Time
Travelers I see all the while that
I'm awake - I refuse to play
any card games with them

                       ºººº   • ∞

Saturday, August 22, 2015

As seen through the

As seen through the

eyes of renegade Jane

As heard through the

ears of self-centered Phil

As touched through the

skin of crazy brain Sue

As tasted through the

palette of Chef Boy Ar Dee

As smelled through the

nose of windmill Harry

As spoken through the

mouth of tattoo'd Henry

As witnessed through the

Time of us in the corners   {:}

Friday, August 21, 2015

There is after all only so

There is after all only so
much one can expect from others.
Part of lives digestion is gathering
various opinions and what little
infirmities that can be gained must
be retained for future upheaval.

The wise man once said you only hurt
the one you love but that statement is
quite narcissistic on the grand level.
You always hurt as many as
possible, but please try to keep that at
a minimum would be more accurate
to all truths involved. What goes
around comes around which is mostly
a virus of seasonal impart.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

make your point

1) make your point.

2) move on.

3) make it again.

4) rinse and repeat.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

always kept promises at arms length

always kept promises at arms length
which is not to say I wouldn't keep
being human as fault and being
trusted has many vaults and being
being has it's arms wrapped around
lovers excuses and other gifts that
may expire at a notice in moments…

always kept secrets at arms length
when trust became a virtue but
could not afford a fee toward any
purchase final or value of offer
sometimes legal to give away if
part is chosen to cause harm or
misdeeds but who is to say...

always kept bullshit at arms length
sometimes it can save you and if
it gets thrown in your court then
be prepared to detect it without
denial else to become devoured by
men more vile than imagination can
render tangible toward life refined…

always kept family at arms length
time is often as they will use it up
no obligation to help and forgive
disappoint on the major scale taken
so cannot cope manner of all crazy
then must decide who gets the next
phone call…

always kept fantasy at arms length
when the need for escape trumps
need for enjoy while all gets lost
during the folly of foley and return
to mere pleasure for mindless rot
in seeking non-fortune for something
is not what it seems as life will be...

always kept comfort at arms length
most through no fault of my own as
I struggle with canon the rest always
elusive when given to vultures who
crow at my nest and never welcomed
who as guest with bone numbing tides
turned against me each night...

always kept dreams at arms length
to protect me from unforgiven waves
used to proclaim sleep as it's own
minion until the only resolve told is
realized that this exists elsewhere in
the zillion fold of Time and I think it
will be alright if I remain calm...

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

if I stand on my head

- if I stand on my head
which way is up?

- if I put my hands
together once, has the
applause stopped?

- if I scream in a forest
and no one hears me, am
I still married?

- If my car gets a jump
start, is that re-animation?

- if I don't tell somebody
a joke, will they still
get it?

Monday, August 17, 2015

Mock relief instructs

-- Mock relief instructs
us to verify certain orders
of residual Time wasted
(as if such a thing existed
in the known semi-Universe)
And to conduct the experimental
exercise to contain this beast
for our sojourn into the once
bitten twice shy map of only
fellows unto the wooden
fences of irony and else

-- We fit a pair of ego
concentric devices to a
where-with-all Diva
wanna-be pin fur by faux.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

trust etiquette never as it only

trust etiquette never as it only
lies backward with the pseudo
majesty in all effervescent of
pretentious pomp and sorrow.

fixed here we are between the soft
and the real in a spiral of causes
only to opine all that opinion can
alter one's view of solitary projection.

does the only way towards solutions
give any right to become a valued
soul of wisdom and mirth within
contextual agreements of redemption.

forgive all manner of mistaken wants
and never be disappointed again while
the Time that holds this flesh together
begins to make example of simple truth.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Bad Robot Surgery

Bad Robot Surgery

jump ignition dynamo

relative lighting

foreseen Time in fortune

realm of wisdom and

Delite - knowledge of

our peers success

Another round of hashish

for my friends and please

don't forget the ice cream

telepathy causes secrets

to de-evolve.

Friday, August 14, 2015

want is all my play is you

want is all my play is you
was a was for now it is
think of me and I say do
feel a lobe can make me diz'

when is Time called all upon
listen tell it beyond way
forward back and under on
foster hope on current day

spin oh spin life at once all
space of touch and dream to plead
leave me sighing bound to fall
twice arrested three times bleed

closing eyes are sometimes blue
seems like shame not felt is who

Thursday, August 13, 2015

When you reach your destination

When you reach your destination
and inquire at the front desk
when check out Time is - you must
pause to reflect how not in the
moment that question becomes.

Now, breathe. Breathe deep and
only fill your quota for life
one Time at a currently here.

Responses not withstanding and
not anticipating withdrawal please
use all means at your disposal to
savor your truth found.

In keeping with acceptable guidelines
please pickup after yourself when
done and always leave a tip for
the house keeper, even if sound
advice is all you can afford.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

we ran down the hall with

…we ran down the hall with
our meager belongings and tools
hoping we would make our transport
through the portal. At once all
I could think of was getting home
and enjoying a good time with my
family in our new home away
from all the condiments and low-
key rivalry of my youth and
swagger toward the tower as
she held the bag over the water
fall and exclaim, "presence
is the key to all virtues." She
was right for without the
correct combination, we would be
cast in reverse toward an
infinite trial and error...

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

There is no other time than

There is no other time than
this except for ALL the Time
together =

We swing up
and down the sea salt and
hold it up to the light for the
full effect =

I take my shoes
off as a way to feel my
connection to the ground or
the floor whichever gets more
points =

So HERE I stand
motionless and my gesture
vocabulary has not begun to
fight back =

But you know
what? --- fuck you Andy:.....

Monday, August 10, 2015

Here's the problem, winnie

Here's the problem, winnie:

ya'll getting all hung out on the
patriarchal deity trip. some of
you all get YOUr myths sewn
into yer pajamas with the matriarchal
trip. (though personally this is closer to
the truth, I.M.H.O.) I don't really
think that either way is correct;
the myths GEt, and have gotten, and
still do remain to this day, way
too personalized. it's an ego thing.
Hell, it's A Super Ego Thing. A
justifiable way by attaching a
hUmAn0id concept to another
in a region of the universe that
is way beYond our scope (.

more on that later...
=======  =====

Sunday, August 9, 2015

There are no heroes left

There are no heroes left
Now, and we don't need
them anyway - music
of all cultures is the greatest
of all human art forms.
Such a pity how the west
has bastardized it into
a whores and lawyers

Those in control

will NEVER



Saturday, August 8, 2015

Engines will do the most

Engines will do the most

incredible impersonations of

a sentient being, And who's

to dispute that persona anyway

- not me o shepherds of

my choices - nor I most

pleasant of my modest place

- And most certainly least of

all the darling of dynamics

in the phases of times -


OH there is still much to learn

in this sphere - she leaves me

dry and aligns my mostly

ambitious thoughts   ^^^^^^^^^^

Friday, August 7, 2015

Sleepyness on my bed

Sleepyness on my bed
in a veil of heat
while cool washes over
my R.E.M. in a facade
of only pleasant - I
wait for definition
to recover our source
until my day divided
enters the sphere
once again - Drift
through a sea of
blurred foundation to
appear in the windows
mirror hidden #'s.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Just give it some thought

Hiroshima and Nagasaki
70 Years After
August 6 & August 9, 1945…
We Will Never Forget.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The time she jumped

The time she jumped

from the sphere and

collided with an unmentionable

in the vortex of vibrato - it

was an undefinable moment

in our history - outside the

spring contextual being of

then was, will always hold

a spot for me on the ride

of evermore - A sanction

forever turned out with

all over consequences in

a visual sea of drive trains

and goodbyes - Almost

entering a new draft...

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Animals have telepathy

Animals have telepathy
and can communicate across
great distances…hence…

thistle MAN, he played one

propaganda in a can
nuisance of bliss
the forward plan of the
great controllers behind
the communicators
birth of a nation
how it will contain
(attention ALL socialist
beards - Get Organized)
Not much TIME

leading us all into
temptation for their
own gains
where the wolf wears a
sheep's coat and charges you
debt for
the privilege to watch the
dance, but not share in
the Buffet…

Shame us unto disbelief
hierarchy of hoodwinkdom
honor among the hopped up
Be still lest you awaken
slipping through the cracks
of honesty
somebody called me
a stranger

take care of these Times
once the damage was
only a tribute to conscience
what goes down only
makes us desperate
proscribe protein >>>

Monday, August 3, 2015

Just push one button mr smeege

Just push one button mr smeege
- just one ATT a Time. The
whole cohort will exit when
the team undergoes reconstructive
surgery of it's empty deposit battles
- that's the way the machinery
is set up to function - when
your turn comes up don't
forget to dismantle the fishing
nets during the third quarter
- this way we can all sleep
easy when the domino effect
takes place - Once a drifter
almost always a drifter - find
a lock for my key >>>

Sunday, August 2, 2015

If only the cost didn't

If only the cost didn't

matter, we'd be living like

we dreamed years ago - the

stitch in Time saves none

loses more thoughts per

million than you could shake

your stick at. We are the

holders of all lesser gods

and even tides won't give

us leave at the dusk's

surrender. It was this

fallacy years ago that

caught my eyes in the

vice of sages armor.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Peace by it's nature has

Peace by it's nature has

historically been elusive

to the vast percentage

of humans - when a wrong

is wrought there will be

those to defend - this

is a self preservation

undertaken for safety of

home and family - Now, we

have ample propaganda to

divide the masses and

propel all what's left of

reason into the memory

holy (((((((((e)))))))))