Sunday, November 20, 2016

holidaze 2016: of thee i sing

of thee i sing...

…the flesh has a pleasure in mind but
if we let go and allow that simple truth
evolve by accepting these manners for
wholesome endure being much greater than
any adverse political folly brought to bear fruit
from the tree of conquer, swindle, rape and
suffer, which is the solid legacy of what he
spoke to me, as if to provoke my more than
thorough and to give a soft or hard repose or
perhaps what thought

I listened and recall, thus, my children…


"amerika the exceptional amerika the crossed
fingers behind it's back amerika the bloody
witness who begs foregivness, lier amerika with
smallpox infested blankets of relief, amerika
the hoodwinked bearing trust in god forced upon
ab-originals original being here and what did
they ever do to deserve this, amerika the empire
of white land owners who stole and now author
a piece of paper to keep it all proper and justified
and legal for gens to come amerika with it's
rifles and bulldozers amerika the always
ready to sign away your rights amerika your
land is our land amerika we will take what our
God has granted us - safe passage and approval
to pilfer from your grandfathers' grandfathers
amerika incorporated and stolen as was always
intended amerika the banks have spoken from over
the other side of the vast waters from within the
monarchs' vagina and through the patriarchs' penis
and their sons' penis's penis' as was their god's chosen
people's penises to take as they please due to cunning
smear and deceit because they fuckin' can amerika and
keeps it's dirty secrets of gain hidden in shadows of
every soul taken in bloody wrath amerika the forefathers
intent being rich white sons of bitches to keep their
heirs in peanuts and cotton and oil and land rights
taken forever and forever and prize your guns amerika
because we have all the bigger guns and all the plenty
guns and all of our god's guns as our lawyers make it
so and all of the well OIL'd machine to press you until
you've understood amerika all bought and paid for
congress all bought and paid for politicians all bought
and paid for legislative bodies in robes like the KKK'deluxes
who still drive that engine of despair for all those brought
to bare both black and brown the corporate revolving door
shills of my country tis of thee amerika pockets deepest
all bought and paid for in the most EVIList, EVIL supreme
court amerika the presidential representative puppet whose
strings are pulled by ages old monies gens of bankers amerika
so keep the illusion alive and vote, for it is not who votes
it's who counts the votes amerika and there will never be a
time that you forget the name of your jailer amerika that
is where we rule you amerika the New World Order and
now the only world for Full Spectrum Dominance say it's
name on your knees bitch, SHOUT IT! amerika pick my
cotton work my fields DO MY WILL BE DONE build
my railroad drill my oil do as I say or you will know pain
beyond words amerika for I am your true WHITE DEVIL
and I will burn down your house with your children within
amerika and I will rape your wife and her mother's mother's
mother until I get my MONEY and I will spit on your every
generation amerika set my table amerika cook my meals
amerika taste my food that makes you ugly and obese and
then gives pause to buy more insurance and pay for much
expense in medicines to rot in stink of my inc. hospitals' slabs
and pay your debt to me pay your debt pay your insane interest
to me always always and always will you pay of thee i sing
amerika pay me back through your soul if not then rot ever
after in my cells of woe with all the other filth that you
deserve a part of as for me to stand my ground upon
you would otherwise not need amerika light my cigar
from your hands ablaze from working in my slave labor
corporations amerika give me your interest payments as
debt is the slave that pays me very well amerika my rules
forever posted on the walls of my many mansions amerika
wash my feet as you genuflect amerika wash my balls
as you yell you rebel dog scum amerika and wash my ass
amerika suck on my prick of freedom amerika lick my
boots make them shine amerika lick my flag and give sweat
to me your taxes amerika bust all the unions for me and steal
your pensions amerika destroy all articles in the bill
of rights what rights, not yours - Mine amerika well you
gave us these gifts didn't chew didn't you didn't ya'll
- and now we have given our plan to you our version
of the utmost perverted form of democracy ever
devised by RICH WHITE MEN and will evermore be
Empire that is amerika and if you act now all your
land can be ours if the price is right and the price paid
is what we will freely take for it is rightfully ours
IN GOD WE TRUST that bestowed upon us what is
and will always be rightfully ours or so our army
of slaughterers and mercenaries and Lawyers has granted
us on this day as our daily bread amerika so help me god
Amen you heathen savage brown-skined mother fuckers
to just go die in your puddles of shit and blood and
eugenic waste while we can live our lives in golden towers
built without guilt gated and army'd by paid butchers
amerika from every mountainside of thee i sing…"


this he told me…

and I walked away un-nerved, but I keep Love close
with me always, in my heart, for my fear is none, just
knowing how inept his Time is both here and in the after…

keep Love with you always, my children, as it will guide
you and protect you.

of thee I sing…

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Embrace your yearns

Embrace your yearns
for the bravado played by elites to
get the Him in was played beautifully
(if such a word can be described in this
un-holy context).

Yo, don, may your dick be hard and your
accountants free of jail forever as you
ejaculate on bill/hill faces of death to
prescribe the one the owners wish given.

And may the owners ever own, and all
who join them in their orgy of our pain,
my pain, your pain, forever to rule over
our sorry asses for we left the what gives.

May the zionistas revel in their cause
as suffering gives supreme justice
and may we all remember how this
will bring it all down when children ask.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

election day 2016

Embrace death...
accept the royal bitches con

marvel at the script played by
the joker of new yorkie city
and the money the R&R's will
bequeath him for his service as
the boxer who takes the fall.

He will surely pass.

And accept the royal queen bitch
of Mutually Assured Destruction
as they fuck in their bunkers while
we, the proletariat writhe in pain.

And when it's all done, they emerge
with sword and champagne in hand
to begin their begin again.

To what end is the real mystery.

I guess they really think they
are the chosen ones.

So, embrace death... for our only hope
and escape, is back to the source for
yet another sphere.