Friday, July 31, 2015

The last advice Grover

The last advice Grover
gave me before we tripped
out on the Time framed
convenience store was when
he made me a most excellent
work of ailing dirigibles
as the second shift sirens
convinced me to escape to
their domain name of envy
and thus. "Say yes to all
opportunes" and you'll
never weep over vast regrets
and later find a peer group
looking for strength and
solace in your wisdom /

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Restraint I had to muster while being

Restraint I had to muster while being
involved with numerous beings of
various worth and surplus which gives
me a destination to uphold on moral
grounds of do what is right for the left
and that's only a parable compared to
the effervescent bubble of money being
laundered though it is more an elite plan.

They have impact upon our lives more than
we can ever surmise the depravity and depth
of their infiltrates and soulless vapid strength
that keeps us squashed for generations past
and those to follow ever we grow weary of
this ploy this numbing of virtues we maintain
with our brothers and sisters of the sharing
and caring and Truth is the engine of Love
and that is all we have to guide us in this

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Whose Time was this to consider the only

Whose Time was this to consider the only
way forward in justice is going to be another
blown out of all proportion bullshit lie that
you can deposit in the nearest bank of

When will they ever learn, (Pete), that is
the humble question asked now as we cope
with the meaning, if ever, of more holidays
lost in holy-daze and the sickness that prevails
this society and all it's ills of those who claim
or recede in admit of total control through the
remote efforts of armored jar head robots and
their minions who pretend to be any sort of
savior to the earth.

Your wealth disgusts me in multitudes of stale
aroma and dismissal of any human connect
you walk in shoes that are better left unattended
and you pose questions that will forever be and
always shall unanswered this being your legacy
of what we will rise up against to fell you in
your objects of art and commerce once and for
all so help us every - one.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A lot of regrets… a lot of them I tell ya…

A lot of regrets… a lot of them I tell ya…
took a long Time to admit it but here we
are now on this precipice of knowledge
which will be our undoing in the world
of doubt, uncertainty, trial and error and
what ever became of innocent love in the
camp of Truth and I will never understand
how it became this bad for us the masses
of humanity who should be the force of
good in the universe and truly make a
profound difference in the scheme of all
things that govern our Time but that is
not what they want of us...

What they want is an abomination on all
that is the human kind which it should be
caring as it would be Loving as it will always
be as far as we are concerned as I reach into
the pockets of Truth while fast talking liars
with positions of immense power hold sway
in all things cataclysmic and we will forever
become besmirched in the annals of poets
who have given their verbiage for the decency
of all peoples who breathe here…

Monday, July 27, 2015

the unfortunate aspects of living

the unfortunate aspects of living
require me to speak my mind
about all the bits of nastiness
opposites of all that is kind.

when you can stand up against them
as they try bringing you to your knees
recall that words are weapons they fear
such as Love and Truth and Please.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Dogma Catma Dogpa Catpa whatma whoopla

Dogma Catma Dogpa Catpa whatma whoopla

take untruths and turn in your tokens for unreal

advice from the area that needs it the least in turn

as we ride the partisan waves of any willing to

lie to the masses of the oppressed which they

most surely do and will and there is naught to

be done to prevent the vents as it has always

been writ that this is the way of the elite rule.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Mostly I understate the state of affairs

Mostly I understate the state of affairs
which are mostly moistily and very such
nonsense on the once of hands. On the
other we have sweat from brows beaten
of chance back to appease the elites shiny
shine as is their birthright to make us all
suffer in various varieties.

Such is the way of life that sucks for us and
some oh so much more than others it is often
sinful and always has been a problem in our
quest for abundance of love and life's dreams
fulfilled. Once the wish gets a whopping fate
of underfill, that is where we choose to under-
kill the last puppet emperor coming soon.

When I once wrote and sang with my throat when
it all comes down, (me), where is the brethren and
sistren of spellcheck brought out by lightning to
survive the fallacy of a sacred chalice and will
evermore constraint be what gets tainted upon
rocks made of glass substance or does homo-
erotic video trash beg my finest hours?

Friday, July 24, 2015

I don't hold excuses to connect any

I don't hold excuses to connect any
need that facilitates the act of keeping
busy while understanding the all with
of who is condoning the evil that men
are capable of in this sphere.

You must spread the truth where it is
needed the most and keep on doing
so because it matters.

I will hear no more at this Time.

I will see no more at this Time.

I will speak no more at this Time.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Your eyes and tongue speak volumes to

Your eyes and tongue speak volumes to
my psyche as I drift past the portal of ever
regain all summons placed upon libido
as tempt is just as if the shoe fits and should
have it's will remain a mystery forever.

Flesh is as flesh does as all restraint goes
numb in wakes of wonder uncontrolled
ponderence and who's to say what's right
in this world of udder chaos and contempt
for that flesh as power cheats it all.

Yearn for your warmth next to me your sweet
sweat on my cusp of organ-ic threshold pulsing
in orgasmic soup as wonder delight escapes
forward for the umpteenth time in all that is
engaging to this brief liquid of passion.

Back and forth we froth as we trust senses
thrust bind at rates untold in schools of thoughts
all knees weaken upon the bough of please
which way is up is not recognized anymore
when we reach toward achieving exhaustion.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

why so blunt of offer to partake you in

why so blunt of offer to partake you in
Time as is known here - Space as is kept
here - Love as is given here… i warrant
a once over for what memories treasured
can record the ever all of only one but some
can just and we must remember what we did
here and there and there is no doubt about it.

some would argue the that of which is what
and when we once will who on where it all
slides down into the mix of soup and puzzles
so keep a sharp eye forward and a keen mind
will always bring forth the forgot lease on once
some we thought were that but some may not
think as we and some may not trust as thee.

that is why and so is so and worry not for we
will resume the correctness to function on this
plane of plain and shame of sane for we can
pass it all over and exist for all to follow us
into the amoral abyss consumed and patented
is what is wrought upon my house of Truth
and justice is not just but a seven letter word.

you should hound them until their last breath
and keep a vigil on that which they hold dear
for what is our deer is but a game for them to
pleasure their desire and want and what is it
they want is what they need to exploit beyond
all they hold against us for that is their purpose
and always has been as their grandfathers wished.

i hold all purpose toward any residual astronomic
to keep the rebellion at bay until the last possible
moments that will unravel all those secret platitudes
as we sit on the shores of final hours and gift our
friends and family for as they say, "how will this affect
us is how we will ascribe to all hinderance about", such
is my work defined here at last and there to keep.

then as the poly-ascribed wear given toward all torn
fabrics of Time and space is just a five letter word
i'm thinking that we will endure through all matter
of cosmic culture and all manner is but a secure deposit
toward what down payment was given to this sphere
once we vacate these beautiful fleshes, the key to all
understand is never understated and those are facts.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Time it is the only bearer of trust and ultimate

Time it is the only bearer of trust and ultimate
sorrow as we drift within the voids of confusion
and hold remorse for those not capable of doing
so long as it is our only burden but many others
are part of our sum…….

Such is the want we require to give relief for all
substance that may give an answer to this insane
depraved swollen excuse of what passes for the
promise of freedom and liberty the masses deceptions
are preserved with accordance of empires wish…….

Light is the only way to escape obscene fundaments
thrust upon our lightness of being purpose as we
gather upon the only way forward toward striving
for peace in a Love send that encapsulates many such
havens to ignite the spark of Truth.........

Monday, July 20, 2015

saving Time is quite a feat toward

saving Time is quite a feat toward
accomplishment in any sphere let
alone this one where we always feel
so utterly alone but shouldn't…

my body is not the ideal standard
but what that means is relative
to only sorrow for the complacent
regard of over consumerness…

when attempts are made to foretell
the plan to this next Gen we may
sometimes over-reach our defines
and thus create more havoc and myth…

there is only one path chosen to walk
down for each of us and we may find
it difficult to choose which one is that
why we truly seek to give us our depth…

if only the correct answers were given
beforehand we would rejoice with much
much higher aptitudes but not without
giving remorse toward sacrificed ideals…

which problem gets solved is the current
dilemma while confronting the ridiculous
need for fashion, purchase, debt, and all
that technologic devise we never needed…

so help me to understand this pact made
with a mythological beast that is capitalism's
virtue because I will never ever succumb
to it's lowest practice of killing any spirit...

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Ain't gonna let you take my fire…my passion

Ain't gonna let you take my fire…my passion
away it will not sway, any day is not in my play
I am the one you chose, but it seems you have
harbored regrets because of your societal
induced fears - you can't flow into the Truth
properly as your influences have clouded your
better reasonings - you must repent your fear
and thoughts that cause this havoc in your
thinking and release me into my own original
ascribe if your claims to love me are Truth.

Ain't gonna let you steal my sorrow…my wisdom
for it gives and forgives, as all know what can grow
I am only being one with all matter and energy
as you forget what that means and should review
your contract within - karma's justice is the hope
of a force in this current sphere for what we are is
what we are and that is that or what - to give any
reason otherwise is not in my nature, and nature
is everything here and now and always to be one
and subscribed always as I told you once.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Only room for the big dog when the little one

Only room for the big dog when the little one
wants to play as if there could be demockracy
amongst dogs of their way the pack is chosen
and the leader is king and it matters not one you
are nothing if you are neither the table gets turned
against us all anyway as we are all burned.

Friday, July 17, 2015

working oldies in the tavern of nowhere

working oldies in the tavern of nowhere
proving a context of Beethoven's rollover,
(Chuck), listening devices include an old
Ampeg, and heroes of guitarness are what
I may have been I'm not sure after all this
Time let me get back to you on that.

barmaids were habits of fortune and I always
gave them a promo for memoirs to save them,
they, them and barkeeps are thankless jobs
from the perspective of this riser hardly worth
calling a stage, I leave it at dark hours for a
quick toss in the parking lot for what are to
do but drive on the parkway and park in the
driveway and toss flesh on the asphalt plains.

tuning now is a comfort afforded by new device
seeing better tech and higher purpose overall I
accustomed to songs of old and tunes of mine
poetry put forth in non rhyme and habits given
to all who'll listen as you dance for me, (me) I
only promise a thought given and a desire of
Truth in the Now where we all reside.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Our amp who art in the gar-age

Our amp who art in the gar-age
hallowed be thy ohms
thy tubes have come
thy reverb redone
on earth as it is in Austin

Give us this day our daily voltage
and forgive us our metronomes
as we forgive those who detune against us
and lead in not with the Temptations
but deliver us from Dylan
for thine is the Blues and Rockabilly
R n B, Jazz, Folk, Funk, Punk
and Rock n Roll Forever and ever with
patch cords and pedal boards… Hey Jude

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

either or sideways upon

either or sideways upon
operands give fullest extent
while robins hop along our
subtle paves and forgot all
matter given toward autumn

wept i am once decision gets
trampled for ever it troubles
those left in charge wishing
to return to another place as
misgiving is a terrible mode

trial by fire baptism by wind
lessons by earth drunk on water
give me reasons again why this
not that once faded through many
centuries with coffee included

sit by the way of which i offer
you bliss to negate contempt as
the one true god passes out in
the ladies room from too much
dogma or catma with kittens

then covered with honey is all
i have left to give on bravado
and douse seething rage for it
is just the right thing to do so
never question your honesty

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Given only purpose is the folly of what desire

Given only purpose is the folly of what desire
breeds for what is wanted on the chocolate
shoulders bared in the devils moonlight.

Lust is such an ordinary word to express the
True desire I hold for you, oh, unwitnessed
one who exists in my solemn memory.

Where Love exists is such as is known for
ages told unto, but my vision of your skin
exceeds the empath I extoll for your being.

All is what I wish to give you and that is not
justice perceived but a purpose as follows what
I always have need for a human subscribing Truth.

Oh my brown skinned lover as I dream caress
in the autumn of my life and my fantasy ardor
is an adjournment of my hope to retain safety.

Monday, July 13, 2015

what manner of doubt or recourse

what manner of doubt or recourse
has swept away the tides of lust
will return again during a cycle of
moonlit halo's winter crisp frozen dew

all that holds us here including that
rascal gravity comes at a price given
only just as it becomes to consider
for when Time has the final say so

don't unveil this diagram before thinking
the plan is relevant or not as I deem only
a clear stretch of paper melted over this
idea or that concern or all my lore adrift

only cat tails and eyes of fortune could
smile on me now in this the most clever
moment I've ever been engulfed within
as prepared in you may be always calm

Sunday, July 12, 2015

i swear everyTime I sneeze I stumble

i swear everyTime I sneeze I stumble
upon a wisdom in the astral plane because
allergies are the cause of all rejection...

was an ever thus protrude upon an only
wish informed against other wishes rejected
anon for the sake of the masses and the safety
of the semblance to all who kneel before the
king and his rightful Bullshit…

may your days be merry and bright, (Irving, you
goofball…) and may all your struggles be made
to renounce the army of those who control the spices
of our life and the value of our strife…

when maidens force their gentle on us may we
retain the wisdom to accept their offer and also
without past due of summer's curse regain the
memory of all I've witnessed in Vailsburg Park
including all tricycle journeys, virgin kisses, all
forms of girls in cycle and boys in mascara, and
lest we mention art and labor so obscure as to
render the ice-cream man invincible…

Saturday, July 11, 2015

I have said all that is needed for now on

I have said all that is needed for now on
this matter… if you feel the desire to pass
a judgement on those who oppress you
and the innocent, then follow your inner
voice… if you feel you should wish a type
of discomfort or hatred on your enemy, then
follow your inner voice… if you feel that a
course of action that is not a positive productive
one and would not alter the current situation
in any way, then follow your inner voice…

Retribution, revenge, vengeance, sounds
to me as the 'eye for an eye' workings of
the old testament, a book I do not ascribe
to be any solution to any problem concerning
human beings… but if you feel that wishing
any harm on your enemy will result in any
change with the course of events they have
wrought, then follow your inner voice…

my inner voice speaks toward what will help
guide us through all the tragedies of this sphere
and not for what useless negative wishes or
actions which would instill that same fear in
those who care not for our safety or well being…

Love is the only power worth having…

Love is the only energy to give to all…

Love's spirit will guide us to the better life within
and without…

my inner voice tells me to keep Love close to heart
and to give it freely…

Love is the only power that true-ly matters.

Time is gonna come…

Rev. Pete

Friday, July 10, 2015

sadness erupts as if we could prevent badness

sadness erupts as if we could prevent badness
from ourselves and never give a damn about
all others suffer for I am the moral center of
the universe spoke the callous man in chains
not seen by his peers but I have duly noted…

this work we do in spite of the worlds turning
gives no pause to reflect our crimes thrust
upon the "others" when we finally reach all
critical usurp for what is to us is somewhat to
all and equal is only a matter of measure…

give us this day our daily blood drawn upon
all dark skinned peoples for what we sow is
the national security state and we must maintain
all our might to pledge allegiance to the flag of
the United States of Total Spectrum Dominance…

WE lie… WE cheat… WE give our dust to this
the most heinous government ever created on the
face of the world so green and round, (Pete), it
is more than I can bear to be a part of as I drift
toward solace as my only vices converge upon…

there is no plan put upon me as I am aghast at
what I am supposed to surrender my tax dollars
toward the fuck you of the rest of the earth in
a most earnest display of what the PTB can
embalm with their phony but deadly as is…

you can blow your comrades as a gesture given
for I am the fighter of TRUTH and FREEDOM
and do what I can to spread equal words of faith
support and empathy as any being of any moral
fiber would embrace for that is the righteous…

Thursday, July 9, 2015

i'm tired of biting my tongue to bring the

i'm tired of biting my tongue to bring the
Truth forward as if any of you could be
made to understand and accept all the
devoid 'news' items you so desperately
glare and gleam as ultimate items of all
that is right with your respective worlds
of hyped fantasy.

i know in my heart of hearts it is not your
fault for this stalled opinion and taste of
seduction that holds your attention spans
for mere seconds rather than eternity that
is how 'they' want you to believe that is how
'they' hold your intellect in the mode of
plutocratic capture of all your life and all
your safety and all your family's justice
and peace.

i'm not content with accepting the 'official'
story served to us on the plate of capitulation
and jingo should be the name of a dog in a circus
movie with garish clowns of nightmares but it
has become a reality complete with commercials
about the latest juicy colorful fast food and big
cars which don't even qualify as cars but rather
some demented form of pumped up steroidial
plastic armoured monsters from the depths of
depraved imaginations governed by ceo's bent
on capacity for unleashing suffering.

Fuck them and Damn them all as they mock our
values of human kindness and justice and Peace
they will give up their rewards in the end and learn
from mistakes of utmost grandeur as they pose for
pictures that they think will give us a heroic banter
to further their cause but they are mistaken by leaps
and bounds and ninety-nine bottles of beer on the
walls of silence whence we follow voices of wisdom
and reason to lead us into a more just sphere where
Time governs goodness against madness.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

damn boy…your brother man is solid as

damn boy…your brother man is solid as
most rocks I'VE seen ever and since he is I
will glance your advise to give piece a chance

here we come unrestrained on all total remembrance
forgive as it comes together of story phantasy and
most forgiven to place lecture or speech or what
counts to be understand and she will help that
nature as her goodness and wisdom is unpretentious

oh this plan I proceed toward is what life gives faith
to but not recurred ever forward and once folly thought
is twice digested in the realm of where in youth we
fought for all regain and remember and subtle Time
is what they wish we never discovered as we did

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

I don't do facebook, I don't have a smart

I don't do facebook, I don't have a smart
phone I can't help thinking that all of this
nonsense is the death of our freedom.

I can't say Truth here is anything but
happening there is no recover from
repressed senile awakening.

I will give no quarter to any blatant
agency who makes claims or distinctions
towards any gold tongued liars.

You won't take me hostage when you come
a knockin' my hedges are fruitful and I will
give resistance and make you regretful.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Once is not enough and twice is much too

Once is not enough and twice is much too
often as we bleed forgive over what is the
course of but never to be required toward
matters of heart, mind, spirit.

This condiment of knowledge proceeds in
most lucrative fashion statements and plus
sized women will always capture my libido
and turn it into jelly and smoke.

Since I can afford poverty as a means to all
ends I have struck a chord on the guitar of
life which gives me a breath of fresh always
forgiven and rich in vital soul of matter.

Only you can change your mind to believe
the way that gives purpose to any conceived
notions of what gets bought and what gets
sold for the sake of pain in people's lives.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

I've come to a conclusion… maybe it's

I've come to a conclusion… maybe it's
sacred, maybe it's morose, maybe I'm
dreaming of you in my realm with tidy
givings and my lecherous ways unbound
that's what I'll ask if ever I'm found…

Send me a warning if I cater too close
and that will assure you of what ever
answer is safe fore your sullen aunt's
opt in, unless her titties are the stuff
of my dreams and even then we would
draw a contract because scum lawyers
are required to do so,,, (fuck 'em)…

When do I get to present my case to the
court so that I may offer the vulgar slang
to the self professed judge of regal law
standing and tell him he is not my guardian
- not my law - not my concept - AND most
certainly not anyone I respect…

Saturday, July 4, 2015

why does the Time change

why does the Time change
partners when it is not even
dancing amongst star crossed
lovers or otherwise those who
place extreme value on this holy
knowledge of wisdom in the realm
of eternity…

search the stars for your answers
but I tell you true that we are all here
now and forever and have always been
since the begin which is not even a
an event that gives cause to our effect
since we have since been always and
thus period………………… (•}

Friday, July 3, 2015

always laughing for nobody and crying for

always laughing for nobody and crying for

we argue past the point of rational absurdity
then congratulate each other on a job well done.

this theatre is in a state of uneasy revision but will

never change any course of action whether it's art,
politics, religion, culture, sex or science.

the only point made should be the one about how
non-judgement is the goal and moral code in a person's
tolerance vocabulary is an ever changing struggle
in this sphere and Time.

when all is said and done there is only the each
other to keep company with art and all descriptions
or opinions are always subject to change without

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Oh she was lofty and that is not quite

Oh she was lofty and that is not quite
accurate as I would deem necessary but
I convince all concerned that what we
do in very small and insignificant ways
is not really akin to what they do to us.

Please me to relieve any pain in this sphere
as I stretch by the river to regain all hope
of ever resurging what once was ours in
this cesspool of legislative supposed given
and the whole is much unequal to us.

Watch now as all the young pragmatists
require any venture toward gain and scoff
at the all manner of trust and that does not
concern these wee nose-browns for they
offer ill advice for any we hold dear to us.

Pull down that menu as we sniff the regal
heirs' bullshit heaped upon us and our only
assigns to which we might combat their
legions forced against our only trust and
all that we hold sacred that we should to us.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Never foreseen obscene respite

Never foreseen obscene respite
despite any formations of willing
avalanche conjecture falling in
the subtle land I call verbatim…

we can use these tools to further
our survival on the grounds that
many forefathers sowed even
though they were not our own…

seems as if the plenty has turned
a deaf eye to what transactions
become part of any credit toward
forgiveness or otherwise tolerate…

any skin left over will only enhance
the prior knowledge of circles in
the sky we will witness once the
invaders release their perspiration...

hide your love deep within any
cave of wisdom you can readily
define and guard it wisely for
very evilness will snatch it early...