Sunday, May 31, 2015

What remains to be heard is seen as sonic

What remains to be heard is seen as sonic
verbosity when such aurals exist in the plane
of forward mass and sideways Time the old
way of space is within us…

Deafened defense and woolen eyewear give
flavors for masses to keep the line drawn in
the concrete of propaganda and outright
bullshite keeps us pure, so they say…

Keep all promises hidden as agenda contained
and never let on that you know their game and
who the real winners are for they will taunt
you and suppress their madness overboard…

Sounds like a plan smells like a dead elephant
given fact symbolism can be wrong on first
count but never cause the assumption to rear
up as divine was a drag queen and one…

Saturday, May 30, 2015

seek only Love in Time's choir of

seek only Love in Time's choir of
truth as we spend most hours with
regard of those fortunes in justice
we will triumph over any discrim's
and all amassed mights that will
cause us harms beyond all thought

sell a portion of your abundance in
keeping all sisters and brothers of
alliance and solidarity within this
our sacred family of the masses of
humanity and innocence loved for
purpose we propose to adore all
those concerned…

Friday, May 29, 2015

only once and then it sinks in

only once and then it sinks in
for the millionth Time though
we come here as an unbeknownst
and leave as a [hopefully] better
wisest portal of experiences than
when arrived…

always striving or trying the somewhat
attempts and always being aware or at
least trying the somewhat attempts and
when we finally sit down at day's end
to rest from all forms of weary and hurt
do we understand more…?

when Time and space collide on our sphere
entry and the process begins again as it has a
x'Xillion x1,000,000,000,000 Times then we
take a short nap in the womb of choice to exert
all future hope and possibilities that will define
any plans of supposed destinies contrived or…

you can add in your tally for the final frontier
or the ultimate gestation period as I was once
told in the confines of pretentious art gallery-
tome -  it will never, ever cease to amaze me
how deaf the malicious are toward our goals to
satisfy the masses of who is hurting and starving...

how is the ascriptions of mechanizations seem
to live on this portal of harbor towards the quiet
loves of those not governed equal and whose
money paid for this charade in stitches and whole
milk of quiet disasters consume all who hope who
now despair at the feet of low blow suits...

Thursday, May 28, 2015

I lay here in wonder of all I've witnessed

I lay here in wonder of all I've witnessed
and all the more I haven't and all the while
the moments imagined and all the moments
never transpired and all the regrets because
of being human and all the regrets because of
not and nothing I've done compares to the
beautiful performances the awakened
touch of sounds I've been part of that
now have been renamed to this later
part of life which is trying to be bearable
at the least and spoken Truth at the most.

There is a road, no simple highway, (Hunter,
Garcia, G. Dead) ah, between what we know
and choose not to know - the angst of which
we hide in our closet of creation only to keep
a dwell on this audition for further escape
in every breath held in and then expelled so
much is trapped in the trust of life that the
mention of that shear Love is wanton lust
reverberated in soul's embers that is a cross
of magnitude verbatim kept in swallow such
as these will allow for exhibition.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

the return to planet Zxi=tron

the return to planet Zxi=tron
in solitaire comes withe a price not paid
often during sample fits of smooth rage
the kind you give is the seek you dwell
if you be bold enough to expel all those
ancient thoughts of cunning anti-remorse.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

No rock like the one I'm in between this

No rock like the one I'm in between this
time forward of all past fuck-ups when
I get through this if ever I will be the most
durable lad in the land for the realize of
it is what keeps our minds set on purpose
and wonder is so much more than poison
bread this I am sure.

Give me your all for this in between to
help provide substance and guide the true
means as we travel through this sphere
alone and unaccompanied by souls meant
to provide direction with many variables
sustained over Time's shadow and the only
awaken given is for the Now we are a part.

Monday, May 25, 2015

save it for a sunny day then whistle all

save it for a sunny day then whistle all
you want for it won't change anything
you'll be whistling until doomsday
and though we appreciate the tune
there is little to applaud.

save it for a snowy day then shout as
loud as you can so we may hear you
through the thick icy moss as you tell
us Truths we care not to hear for it will
rattle our cages 'til kingdom come.

save it for a Time well spent as we find
that moment to give our refuge a vacation
on the boundaries of forever but always
tell us where that is because it matters
most to those who matter which is most.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

off the pipe and on the stick she was

off the pipe and on the stick she was
during the defense of purpose writing
a subtle gesture given once too often
against all the odds and factions bought
at the expense of any enhancement never
thought to bring any second thoughts…

we sat at the bar for an eternity discussing
all the matters of extreme importance such
as favorite flavors and colors and music is
the savior of all souls lost not the commercial
swill on the air, but real Love given away for
free by students of poetry as art should be…

satisfy through the realm of matter and give
all manner of thought to the only sane bastard
in the universal philosophy that still gives any
credence to what should concern us as about
which Time is pleasantly passed or how many
metronomes does it take to change a lightbulb...

Saturday, May 23, 2015

All too much is much too all given with the

All too much is much too all given with the
fault in prescribes and what is holy is less than
seen as a quest to provide a typical bearing upon
the babes who brought my love forward as I digitally
succumb with all sisters and brothers mothers and
fathers aunts and uncles cousins and parents of the
Grand it quells all need to resist and quench all
further aspect of holler yell or HOWL as Ginseyberg
once gave us all notice to notice that which we need
or avoid as doors to Truth depend on desire and Time
holds all keys to unlock it…

Friday, May 22, 2015

While we wait for the revision to erupt a

While we wait for the revision to erupt a
better plan may evolve to include this
simple task of my most humble recluse.

She comes for me in the hour before sun
and later on the Time drench in folly and
dismal repair as I grieve for all the bodies
left in the open as targets for the empire
whose right to do so I pay with the blood
of my taxes and hard earned sequence of
my friends and family.

You dare to break the sovereignty of states
that have no witness to your deceit - no
forbearance to your dirty laundry - no ever
awake to give pause to your idea for rule of
law - insane you are… wrongful in spirit and
mind you are… and body is not yours to govern.

Take these mechanical abominations and hurl
them at will toward your own featured demise
of oblivion then as we stand here willing to tattle
you forth against people who though may not be
all correct, are at least innocent and have life they
treasure as who's to say what they forgive but
you hold a candle to nothing sacred in any regard.

Suffer not being in your vocabulary, is neither
my interest or worthwhile… you have done so
for millennia squared and will continue long past
the all of those you've taken but pity I of you as
when we find what evil exists in hearts of the same
we are made of, causes weep forever here…

Thursday, May 21, 2015

moral fiber liquid lunch nuclear wessels

moral fiber liquid lunch nuclear wessels
Star Trek madness sexy gladness guns
are evil people need lessons advice and
guidance Love is answer Lennon wrote
it I believe it don't exploded it why so
shallow why so afraid why doesn't bother
make more than a mother will the ending
be as helpless as a wonder…

never had me a full palette of any fortune
but my talent gave favor to all of my labor
I once was a hero to all saloon zero they held
my hand and bought beer wisely and all
promises kept became despised as left overs
as any before me can attest to a vision will
get over the collision of hate in their favor
until you may savor a savior in Truth...

here is the buckle of all tits to suckle for
life is a virtue and many will flourish at the
nipples to nourish and if we should perish
at the hands of injustice fear not for your
Love is the key to forever and all eternity
that is the covenant kept sacred without
whisper to hail all to help them we will
prevail at the portal of hell we tread not…

this is the wallow and bitter pill swallow
for macro-managerial favors grow weary
life savers and stop all the spin on the news
that is chagrin and dishonest within all cover
of corporate plunder and deeds set asunder
will only convince the regime to announce
a new world order to protect all the finance(s)
as we starve at their gates of distraction...

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

What color exists that never was named

What color exists that never was named
never was chosen for portraits on cloth
will be discovered some Time before end
once given to virtue and never owned by
those demons as if you could acquire the
rights to anything within this sphere, any
sphere, any Time, any when, any where,
any how, any what, any who, any at all.

Oafish lawyers made this mess quite worse
when all manner of bribes and graft have
cleared the offshore accounts so as [never]
to be discovered by the puppet / partners
they work with, nor any means of fact that
makes life easier for those suffering - why
would they do that to help any cause other
than the Corporate Lies Inc. spin.

The mighty whose say and the trodden who
caught in everglow of some are once empty
broken promise after a vote of illusion lends a
credence to whatever purpose controls need to
bring home to their wife's table and kiss the
children they surely cherish without any malice
ever for they truly have no clue as to the very harm
they incur to the masses - such is their vocation...

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

several problems ensure once forgotten

several problems ensure once forgotten
and ensue once Sue gets her hard-on
as I sit in my hollow attempting to follow
the virtue unspoken or words that have
choken and my wishes will be forever
respite in the marrow of Time's sake for
we govern that option planned upon.

never forgotten is when I think only upon
humans are weak that is what truth you
seek for the plan is verboten and we never
will give in to that authority self-righteous
or coupons redeemed backward as we plan
ever more toward the only aspect we seek
as life can be a dangerous place for living.

only is once but every is more than twice
as we drift when seashells stray from pseudo-
Eden and life is funny that way but so are
quotes from Marx, (take your pick), as I sleep
forward to slumber and try to remember only
hope bought as ember for consume all the
day when Time is away and forgotten.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Severe weather ahead… Will we gather in the

Severe weather ahead… Will we gather in the
vestibule of certainty or in the cellar of doubt?
Does Time manufacture the basis of Truth or
does Space continue to force a wedge on these
matters of human injustice? Can there ever be a
solution to the violence that seems to govern our
being here or is this truly the foundational insane

asylum of the universe that we travel within?

It will always be these questions we should ask as
the speak of kings is given as excuses to fortify all
matters regarding the states propaganda. They lie.
They always have lied. They always will and forever
in this bountiful sphere, lie to hold their hold on the
hold they have over all of us. That is their self-imposed
job description. Their laws. Their theatre absurdia.
Their way to the keys of kingdoms stolen through
ample murder and deceit and this has always been
their way to take, steal and govern.

What you need ask is how can this be changed?
What can we do to bring this to a just restitution?
Where do we go to organize this to become a plan?

… my children, my greatest fear is that there is not
a thing to be done to change this. Perhaps a slight
temporary measure may be achieved if enough of
the enlightened rise to revolt against, but it washes
away and the burden of beasts prevails once again
in this sphere.


Perhaps our only hope is the forgiveness
in the next...

Sunday, May 17, 2015

senses over matter in the garden of

senses over matter in the garden of
who do you love, (Bo), I treasure all
form of hither and art is just a three
letter word… what does it really matter
that all I get for my troubles is a bill from
the agency of contempt and swindle? - It's
not like I'm going to pay them. It's not
like I'll give in to their shenanigans or the
contract that comes with that. They can all
proverbially kiss my ass and smell the rim.

So what does the spouse espouse if I need to
forget it all and travel toward the light of my
following?? - Do I get points off my license?
Does the sum of the parts equal the greater
good of my life?? - Will I ever proceed toward
another revelation that can encompass all my
thoughts on complexity and moral ground to
say nothing of my robust groupie status???
- What's it gonna take this part of life that claims
victory in the face of abject puzzlements????

Whose in control here, them or us? - Who gets to
get their parking ticket validated at the courtesy
desk of universal mensch-ness????????? - Have
my questions become more of a trademark than my
trial of aforementioned pigtails in the heat of that
summer school and while my pencil box gets robbed
by boys who don't necessarily need but need to
have the empowerment trip that I won't deny them
because, shit, they took my pencil box...


This is the true stuff of life in the trenches as the
train whistles blow for all my later sanities and
what I hold dear to my sweat and lustre as we
merrily roll along toward the end of this sphere
and on to the next...

Saturday, May 16, 2015

seen toward a gather immense as it were

seen toward a gather immense as it were
and while pink is within and blue is without
we forge ahead undying passions of all recounts
given any street cred for all who wallow to be
come next in line.

where is all that fluff status now my pear maiden
sweets of froth and willows - my semi-virgin
airways to the heavens become a vast sea of sir
what-zis the happy idiot with zillions to play and
none to give of those in need… what hollow fop.

i make an appeal toward aggrandizement to follow
all who cuddle them on pages of precious newsprint
and lest of all digital spew which though less waste
full of naturalness, bemoans the sights of dire deeds
and all proletariat need not apply.

onward the mire seeps into the wounds of every
human kind or not but resting on the level of kings
injustice… will it ever change for the goodness sake?
- not in this sphere i suspect for this is the challenge
of all who stand for truth and justice.

superman be damned - a myth for a modern era not
the substance of dreams to fulfill by any righteous
standards for that would entail even higher paid
price not remotely affordable by your care act o'
sullen prince of streets with walls.

and gold man sacks the village to live on pillage for
yet another added decade we grasp that remote plastic
thingy to chase a pleasure here, dug our treasures there,
(Jim), but i recall not signing onto this most heinous
faction of self imposed owners ever in history, EVER.

portend all your days in non-reverence if you must
be witness to the all-ever present eye that watches
us for sign of dissidence against their bottoms line
the pockets of all politicians, judges, officials, police
chiefs - entire swathe of spurious democracy.

gather round to hear truth told to power that is even
only the puppet management for those with all the
capital to own the capital as surely they do and twas
ever thus for change is that which happens in myth
and stories and justice is not blind it's anemic.

hold then no regret as we board the trains of certain
deaths of liberty and freedom that never was for
all but always was for wealth and hold hands now
as we enter these final arenas of Machiavellian-ism
because life is ours and such is destiny.

Friday, May 15, 2015

the children of war have warnings for yours

the children of war have warnings for yours
who are safe in their beds and want for naught

the children of war will haunt us forever
as we wrap our heads around violence endured

the children of war keep me awake at night
with the echoes of their screams before death

the children of war cannot open arms for safety
toward parents better wishes for a fruitful life

the children of war must always be remembered
for what they suffered by hands of the chosen

the children of war will not be forgotten as I
sit on my barstool with anguish fall to the floor

the children of war will always be cherished for
every one perished in all that is TRUTH

the children of war are never so simple as any
fool sees what we got for our taxes and greed

the children of war will be with me always as I
scrape the walls of injustice owned by white men

Thursday, May 14, 2015

There's no winning

There's no winning
none we accept for
who is the champion
as for our cause

We who are nothing
in their eyes of hatred
I only remember the
trial we endure as

Look toward the best
spots of unspoken virtue
and always account for
the value of Truth

If I knew the whole plan
I'd give you combinations
to regain their stolen
acquisitions of our lands

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

somewhat perceived… then something is

somewhat perceived… then something is
amiss toward all the bliss and what will be
jest as the matter is blessed so help with the
Time and keep trends sublime and hold all
resign to give us a purpose henceforth…

I only cope through the department restless,
hopeless anxiety and misfortune surely favors
the foolish but such is life as we know in the
forest of presume and willingly adhere as I
always thought would be my glorious end…

when they come for me I swear I will not go
willfully, so if they kill me on my porch of life
I may only hope maximum that my brothers
understand finally the purpose of TRUTH I have
shown them through these actions…

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Denounce the realm of kings rule who

Denounce the realm of kings rule who
defy all meaning of life for the common
as we crave to learn more Truth we accept
the fate we're given and that's as much as
we can swallow.

Only parts denied of our dignity are contained
in messages given thru air thus Truth is left
as partial fragment and all we can hope is
for a breakdown in propaganda's structure
so that commons gain free will.

Monday, May 11, 2015

enough news items for now enough news

enough news items for now enough news
fit the print enough all too much and much
all witness the fall as it happens drill baby
burn baby die baby as we sit on hands meant
to heal but hardly ever are brought to bear a
solid platform of revolt against the manner of
elites who control our unique attributes and ever
will we sing praise of words like Truth and Justice
and Freedom and that which was only dogma for
over our eyes the wool is woven.

Should you fall into the grip despair hope that you
will realize your mis-step soon enough so as to lend
remedy to an otherwise impossible fate which too
many have already succumbed… Always recognize
the faults given you and work as hard as can can to
abolish them out your spirit upliftings and always lend
a hand when you can can to help those who are uneven
circumstance thinking so correct any misgoverns
any abuse of trial by 'what is and what should never
, (Plnt, Pg, Jns, Bnhm - Zep).

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Some people can't afford the Truth

Some people can't afford the Truth.

It binds them to a schedule they cannot

It causes them a false hope and a ravaged
virtue of promises crushed.

It gives them pause as to what
there is to accept as their life purpose.

What comes of this if it is only the Time
they can yield towards.

Why will they not just stop and listen to
the Truth as it bears ultimate reflection.

It will most certainly bring about a
peace in their lives.

Why will they not just stop and learn to
live in the Now where we all reside.


Saturday, May 9, 2015

send me back to Time's end or begin if

send me back to Time's end or begin if
that is what it takes to get more serious
than doubt of context while maidens of
keepers of flocks of perplexed dance in
aimless beauty of surrounded joy after
their labor is fulfilled but seldom is it.

keep my advances toward any real hope
at a minimum to gain access to all who've
given favor upon and never rely on that
keep as a basis for holding any real issue
with regard to king's men as they seethe
with delight over Sir Humpty's demise.

as always given promise or lending upon
any more watched kettles is more than what
I can take in my ear or breathe in my soul as
the horror expels all hope and guided wishes
for any part of retrieval nor any Time gifted
toward guidance for only Love can conquer.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Memo to Bill…

Memo to Bill…

First, don't ever speak of guns in my presence or
my house…I have never fired a weapon, let alone
held one and have been nearly killed with one twice
by my father, the coward incarnate…

Any who subscribe to the gun are cowards waiting
to die. Period. Sorry Bill, this includes you.

When you and your siblings, including my wife were

reaching new heights of selfishness when your dad
died, I heard of your first born Michael enlisting in
the MIC.

Bill, I was so aghast and willing to travel to see you
and PLEAD to not let him sign that (non) contract
for it will surely be his undoing. I understand that
you are limited in your scope of what Truth is in
this sphere, but I will regret forever not stepping in
to give my humble assessment of what it is about.

He is not, and make no mistake about this, NOT
fighting for our freedoms or country. He is there
for but one purpose, and that is to serve the masters
of Wall street, the Banks, and the .001% of who runs
the entire shebang. Anyone who thinks different is
not paying attention, and is certainly not a student of
the TRUTH about history.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

When the hurricane blows in

When the hurricane blows in
we're gonna rise again
we're gonna see our children
find their moral reach.

What begins as a lark
beneath justice's arc
we're gonna find a Truth
that moment we'll teach.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Sell me a river I can skate away on, (Joni)

Sell me a river I can skate away on, (Joni)
though I can't skate, skate, but I can relate
as if I needed a promise to connect to any
fate or real life enhancements or otherwise
others they have my front I long their back.

If you are in denial about…Anything… try
to give some thought to meaning that will be
bought for perverse purpose how you can
obstruct from mixing in all things transfixing
as if any suffer can prevent real Time slack.

I am not one to pretend or type to defend
the offer of savior or otherwise waiver to
allow any favor towards given solution as
all is dilution of culture we cherish but that
is the cast of a statue such is broken.

As always with usage, the congress abusage
as we freely cast votes that mean less than
zero, (elvis) for what is a hero has never been
with us and never will I suspend belief but
retain all rights for my honor spoken.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Once we get to where we're going it will

Once we get to where we're going it will
be a pleasure to be with you on the only
wonder run thesis currently available in
the catalog of fortunate cycles of life, the
universe, and everything as prescribed in
the various opines of many informed
constituents and documentarians founded
on all fronts of what we need, what we have,
and what we should want to defeat this beast.

I am a basic man of purpose given to rants of
rock n' roll, blues, and folk music, poetry, the
simplicity of life through sex, and all others
must pay dearly to witness these Truths for
they have become the basis for all memories
withstanding and that's the fact, JACK…

Monday, May 4, 2015

All the lost souls

All the lost souls
carry weights of
proportions given
their size within
the scope of this
sphere and all the
free refills of soda
offered here at the
Last Chance For Any
Redemptions Bar &

All the beauty spirits
pay a generous price
for their ambitious
coherence of many
more debts surfaced
upon the relative forces
of habit and mass verses
gravity even begat Truth
as Time takes a hero and
Love conquers all including
any unwanted despite the
gossip to the contrary.

All the want for nothing
gives pause for any reason
to fend off the quick sell
of prostrate swollen men
who work for ads and
markets as they loaf inside
the cause for war and lies
though they will never know
what they do during an entire
life of this paycheck for
audio/visual prostitution
which never got me off
regardless of coupons or
free shit nobody needs.

All the Time wasted and all
the wasted time on where the
Time all went is so meaningless
to worry about such is the measure
of inconsequence for lust in life
requires more free thinking and
such questions should be asked on
the most critical level never disguised
as the fruits of thoughts of phluff or
infotainers but a regard for human
suffering and how to comfort those
we live amongst.

This is the way to proceed in
just cause.

This is living in the Now.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Only if silence means death to all trees

Only if silence means death to all trees
can we then focus on importance for total
concentrate and enact - why on earth or why
ever should they choose to destroy bit by bit
piece by piece forest by forest ocean by ocean
life by life - Is it such possible that a small group
of humans can be in control and be so utterly
stupid, uncaring, greedy, unwilling to even affect
the future of their grandchildren - boggles the mind
but that is the reality of this sphere…

Only if silence means death to all animals
will we force the Time to prescribe a cure to what
ails the people in their need to live - the powers
is what cause the problem - the false prophet is
what cause the catastrophe - the apathy is what
gives fuel to THEIR way of pseudo life - stop
this now for it is the hope of all who need our
help and we should for this we care…

Only if silence means death to all peoples
who are scheduled to become more slave than
what now and we act as sheep to regress in our
fear they have thus induced for that is their way
of control and deceit - ever has it been since before
language or discussion when they forged control
and won the initial wars over matter presumed
we will trust OUR instincts to follow OUR only
courses of action, rebellion, revolution, and most
always disobey their utterance forever...

Saturday, May 2, 2015

The whole thing started once we went out to

The whole thing started once we went out to
join in the celebration of our youth though we
didn't realize it at the Time… now the distance
of it grows more as the days pass faster with
every moment I think about those people I've
loved those I've met to never see again in this
sphere, perhaps somewhere forward on.

What plans accomplished what plans dismissed
what purpose wondered and where it took us on
journeys fulfilled with the joyous wonders of
children following fire flies in the sweet dusk
air of my aunt Kay's backyard as my mother
drank herself into an obnoxious pageant but
that was never a cause not to love her.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Summoned forth and appearing naked before me

Summoned forth and appearing naked before me
there exists train of thoughts bombarding an ethos
toward a rapid degree of lost soul and medium.

We confront this dialog with the total episode of
all matter and Time space gives back function
as form gives back desire to think about what
shapes our destiny if any.

What if any human can remarkably walk the earth
from humble begin and treasure still the life force
of the same moments to do a better job in secure
and help those for need of balance and fulfillment
to keep the spirit uplift as the world crushes their
being at every step without warn or relevance.

To do in the service of their honor.