Wednesday, December 31, 2014

This nightmare…these people in distress these

This nightmare…these people in distress these
dead children these beautiful humans all for what
purpose for corporate profit and the stooges that
work for them for what purpose for champagne
and yachts for millions and broken backs of the
minions for tuxedos and gowns and diamonds
and profits to sustain them…

What price for these deaths and misery caused
by these monsters in charge of everything in
charge of what is sacred and turned into deep
perversions what is their logic to suspend the
human race into a heartless cold deep thoughtless
tide of death destruction and malice beyond all
measurable limits...

The fallen and few given the order to crush down
the chosen the innocent the mattered the blood
they have splattered abandon all hope and trust
in your cycle as we witness forward the only
unmentionable acts of what they wrought upon
the despair in the mass of humankind wonder
why it is so in this sphere of insane…


as you drink a toast to what matters most to you
in this sphere on this Time once again to celebrate
what you think is important and all you hold dear
as you believe that your privilege trumps all other
suffering in this life...I shout out to you all again:


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The cycle of tuning becomes

The cycle of tuning becomes

a commodity to trade with all

given license to ignite the

innocent in a path called glory

ONLY emits lies of the demon's

tongue and HATE from the demon's

Master… We Live in our own

Time and that is showing us

who they really are -  Therefore

our moral duty is to show

the ignorant the path, and thus

enlighten them to a just peace

and fairness - Love's Answer!

Monday, December 29, 2014

The Lunatic screamed at

The Lunatic screamed at
me outside the TAVERN
'there's not much Time left'

- I agreed something is
using it up for ill-gotten
gains and purpose of rank
disorders - we could form
a search party or perhaps
an angry mob with torches
and pitchforks - shoot I
just remembered I left mine
in rust...

Sunday, December 28, 2014

I Love ya - but I sure

I Love ya - but I sure
am mightily tired of
theses benign pissing
contests you keep erecting
in your own ego inflates
- why can't you just be
just? - Why  can't you try
to understand the others
situation and dilemma? Don't
- Please don't succumb to THEIR
divide and conquer doctrine.

Can't you truely see that it is meant
for only one purpose - To destroy us!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

When pride gets swallowed

When pride gets swallowed
who is the true benefactor?
What will become of heartache?
When does all the mental anguish
subside? Tall orders to
attain the penitent life, but
to what means and end? It's
a long way to remember the
essentials forgotten when
born - but death has it's
own way of transitioning
into the next sphere of context.

Friday, December 26, 2014

oh ma, we are so

oh ma, we are so

fragile and pitiful all

at the same Time… I

profess that a sturdy affluence

needs a good wallop on

it's ass of indecent

fortitudes, not to mention all

candor aside, a stripe for

Truth and freedom to regain

it's trust within the masses

unpretended or at least the very


Thursday, December 25, 2014

I am a child - lost on

I am a child - lost on
the sea of horizons and
the desert of ideas without
any plans in a camp colors
never before witnessed by
human eyes - spectrum of
darkness and energy of all
light I am drifting, i.e.
moving thru Time with my
own purpose and ironically
so are we all children.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

When false gods tickle

When false gods tickle
our accounts of unfortunate
leverage and then spit in the
face of our beholden choices
--- you can't deny any
other choices pertaining to
the angst of trolls
and unforeseen grievance
held backward in time's
repressive insulation when
all we need to escape is the
inner tube of safe provenance.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Only way to know a how

Only way to know a how
when all that's there will be
too many coupons and salvage
in the amerikan corset factory.
i still get iffy about all the
possibilities of persistent insanity
aimed at the mark on my forehead
as well it could expire through
misguided guidance and mis-
understood understanding so
that the beast within remains
asleep forever is the trick to

Monday, December 22, 2014

Our wrinkled freedom is

Our wrinkled freedom is

starting to flake and rip as

it will probably never wear

pressed and clean anymore - A

victim of self-righteous

political influence - More

like an influenza - More

like a cancer growing on

lives - Shattering what small

true beliefs we once had - how

far we have been suppressed -

the dream is rotted and dead

- how aghast our grandfathers

                                 would be =.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Always been alone… Always

Always been alone… Always

been with a Sense of

loss in my life as Long

as I can Remember - Even

before I could remember - Separation,

Death, divorce, death, sorrow,

alone - Just me here, only

me - all of us - only The

me in the end and throughout

- Times may exist in Joy and

in bliss, but we all go out

alone - IRONY of Time here...

Friday, December 19, 2014

It rains from the sky

It rains from the sky

and posits a fortune of

life's nectar so all may

be well - the desire of

most will become the

annoyance of the few - they

are the controls - game changers

to deal us a life ranging from

bleak Ho-HUM to unfathomable

terror…They lay all to

waste for comfort and only

fools follow them to aspire to

their insanity - All is only

as well as one can be

made to tolerate here.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

What form of altruism

What form of altruism
leads us to this mass
forgiveness during a
very explicit nosebleed
of human values and
freedoms? More lies
no doubt… Persevere
as best you can - Best
advice I heard - "find
a corner in this world
to live as comfortably and
quietly as you can for as
long as you can." - There
it is. // . /// . //// . ///// .

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Turquoise missiles leave patterns of

Turquoise missiles leave patterns of
air upon strangers lives like no matter
of facts given during the least of press

Helium lifts our spirits gingerly
as no-one gives us head balloons now
that the soda machine only accepts
dollar bills and all i have left are dimes
in sequence depending on whose
squalor gets noticed by some middle
class liberal goofus first…

The self righteous will not inherit the
earth as they think is rightfully theirs
so just forget that ridiculous concept
right now for it is the dreams of the
down-trodden that matter most to my
ilk thank you very much mother fucker
and as for the turn out in the police line
well i can't place fault for their human
insecurities when it comes to arrest and
torture imprisonment and decline of
life forever now that corp HQ has gone
and become the ruling elites jerk off
douchebag holders of what is it again?…

same boats all sink equally...

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Light speaks often

Light speaks often

To ALL of us within


ignored or displaced from

too much agony and so

many tears ----- But we

can offer solutions to

keep the visions clear

as best we can - it is

far more simple to

live in utter dark

and despair than to

call out the demons

who press us to stand

trial in the light...

Monday, December 15, 2014

We came upon a Truth it

We came upon a Truth it

seems it was out being

laundered for stains that

got placed inadvertently or so

the liar's claim - As Jesus

(not his given name) walked thru

the golf course and talked

briefly about Love, Peace,

and Truth, and all the silly

people thinking he was here

for vengeance - I noticed

the Time was repeated in


Sunday, December 14, 2014

I need to write more about

I need to write more about
your insane world and what
it prescribes for our brethren
and sistrene to behold in all
it's fuckin' totally useless
bullshit… I need to play
more - my music is a source
of great comfort born out of
a natural defense to aid all
I have witnessed as untruth,
lies and deceit in this sphere
- I need to dance more to
exercise my demons and cast
them away to where they belong
as I celebrate our human kind
and ness for all eternities
Time to record  -  I need
to draw more and reflect the
visual durations of what is
indeed possible to elevate our
Love and wisdom while adore
all who seek relief from their
oppression - I need to live more
and gain true understanding
of those so much less fortunate
than me so I can help them
or those to help them with
their plight.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

That's the way the heart is and

That's the way the heart is and
always has been since the first
one began it's beat generation

I froze my tits waiting for the
bus to take my parrot to your bird
house but my ego caught fire
and i doused it with Tennessee
bourbon. You may have noticed

how the following day I lead the
choir in song for all the mountains
to witness in sweet repose, but
it became clear once we broke for
lunch that the neither became fraught

with molecules of red. I do so
admire a good conversation but
these socks are too much for
me to understand.

Friday, December 12, 2014


I will not lick your fucking

flag I will not fight your

fucking war I will not seek

the right to brag about all

horror you've done before

Your men of steel are

cowards true from ideals

lied to them in youth and

though for many not their

fault they'd do more better

finding truth So kiss your

loves and those deserved to

never kill for elitist pays

forever breathe relief for

those who walk the earth

in peace always

Thursday, December 11, 2014

When cronyism stops - call me.

When cronyism stops - call me.

When despotism is outlawed - call me.

When voting matters - call me.

When wars stop - call me.

When world hunger ceases - call me.

When graft is forbidden - call me.

When warlords love - call me.

When drones are scrapped - call me.

When all nuclear devices are forbidden - call me.

When the poor are cared for  - call me.

When hate is finished - call me.

When Love and caring and sharing
and all altruism, truth, justice,
and Peace rule our planet - call everyone!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

unspoken words - Time I travel

unspoken words - Time I travel
single instance of gelatinous
matter in black hole numbers or
(was it numb-nuts) doesn't matter
- we tried to explain, but none
would listen such is lives
lost for causes un-regarded
effective plan to escape with
pleasures unfulfilled - redeem
at the courtesy counter and leave
a good tip for the waitress of
life - Arlene always said, "you get
what you pay for…"

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Does it ever stop sinking?

Does it ever stop sinking?

I am uniquely positive that

any hope of it not is quelled

during fanciful bouts of

erections and money laundering

- make what can sleep deny

any bliss sustained in neuro

processes and members of Times

only child, the wait - when

you grieve for closure, you

gain slices of trade for pity

- Hearts can do that...

Monday, December 8, 2014

I sit here naked under

I sit here naked under
these clothes - A uniform of
civilized man… wishing
you were here with me inside
of them speaking about dreams
unafraid of darkness and beauty
not afraid of the labels of shame
and guilt others so easily offer
upon our freedoms…This sphere
is cause of great concerns to
me and my cousins - we await
perhaps flight, but no wings
will have us, save those we
labor towards - we discern
truths that become hidden in
the shadows, like some oafish
opinions not suited for
society's elite, or at the very
least polite dinner conversation
- I am erupting once again, or
maybe for the only period in
this time, and time again
as sides get endlessly chosen
which keeps a matter that never
does, and the only proper decision
warranted is the popular one
- Too many sides NOW - TOO
much confusion and divisions, as
it most assuredly is what the
controllers have paid for…
Remember all your days and
those of your loves and close
to you - you'll need them at
Times end.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

So there I was salty

…So there I was salty

out on the road trying to

maKE a dollar out of


in walks this bettie with

the sweetest damn toes

this side of Mt. Everest

- I says to my assistant,

Humble Auk, I says, "Humble,

Please pinch me 'cause I

surely must be dreaming

that is the, bar-None

greatest sweat on the

ankles I have ever

encountered during my

Time in this dimension.

Humble Auk just grunted

as usual and we proceeded

to displace the molecular

soda machine so it would

not harm the asterisks

backstage at the Golden

Empire Lounge during Z-m0s.___

Saturday, December 6, 2014

maybe I insulted him

…maybe I insulted him… maybe I embarrassed her… maybe I made them think that maybe it's a whole new world... maybe we could get together… maybe it's not worth repeating, but I've traveled far and wide to see the suicide girls perform the glasses dance on my birthday in the snow…

maybe I could try another angle… maybe there is much more going on than just the average peoples can imagine in the vortex of time displacements, or the show always starts late because everybody's watch is broken… maybe the reason for that is the energy we place in our fear set...

maybe I am just kidding myself… maybe I try too hard or maybe not enough… maybe you could help me, but I'm going to walk in the rain for a while smoking this herb to clear my mind as I ponder the persnicketous question: Is there even life on Earth, and does it really care about humanity itself?

maybe I don't use the right gestures at meetings and gatherings… maybe it's my breadth… maybe I should just keep my mouth shut, as it alienates everyone around me because I do in fact know more about the truth than the majority of all I meet… maybe…….

Friday, December 5, 2014

Waiting for me at the end of the bar is

Waiting for me at the end of the bar is
a kindness not often seen in dreams or
novels by hack authors but a lofty kind
of treasure given to those smart enough
to know it and accept it.

She holds a key to parts of my heart and
mind but not my soul as that is the final
resting place for all attempts beyond the
lust and philosophies required to be want
as love or whatever that defined is.

My work in this palace of working class
desire and attributes does give me great
pause and pleasure as to the human nature
and condition to celebrate and weep in the
annals of defeat thus my job to comfort.

I grew into this vocation early on and took
a vicissitude of many moments and be able
to withstand all the shocks that are thrown
at one during the composure maintained
as the work warrants steady loving.

Still, there she waits for me to finish my task
at hand and accept the cheers of an audience
wrought with flavors of admiration and untold
bouts of joy for that is what this profession is
the key to bring out of all sorrows held in.

bacteria rising gives birth to banal

bacteria rising gives birth to banal
switches of concepts better left to the
long dead beat poets of your, (yore) as the
hollow point bullets soar for the conquering
democracy they declared was utopia but in
reality and truth was a hell set upon all non-
whites on this earth the likes this history has
ever seen before or since…

The state requires us to believe and submit
to relinquish and commit our one true given
up as the only way going forward in the land
of the pilgrim's pride, as grim as it ever was
and to keep us safe here by killing all of them
over there as they have lied to us since forever
has past and always is their lie…

sanitize history and you risk all future gens to
swallow poisons and not be true to this life's
substance or allow any thoughts to critique the
imposed authority that is governed by the power
of eldest white family rules for it is they who
will be made to suffer if we stand united on this
sacred word of real and unabated freedom not
the phony lies of prime time hocus-pocus wool
over eyes marketing paid for by shills of their own
mother's soiled milk spring…

Thursday, December 4, 2014

with each sex grabs a

with each sex grabs a

moisture taken to a task

of obese lapping - she

waits for us at the top of

the stairs and forgets the

entire production of predator

drones almighty as our foremost

genetic code has exploded

into the next sphere where

we greet our ancestors and

await our children unless...

Harbor the fugitive


Harbor the fugitive known
as Lust, while it eases
some sorrow, but doesn't
completely borrow all
known cures for insanity
wrought by being human
and bought into this
scheme of disrepair for
it's future is uncertain
and it's edict is small.


Harbor the fugitive known
as Passion, who's oft filled
emotions cause many
distant devotions so bringing
on temptation but we can't
help the sensation but what
we feel directly and we trust our
feelings more or less directed
toward shadows of love as in
promised a ringing.


Harbor the fugitive known
as  Desire, when crazy
is destined to become just
a lesson I've learned much
more Times than I care
to remember, so light up
those fires to bring light
for the choir to sing all
the praises of what gets
our attention as such.


Harbor the fugitive known
as Need, only kept in
a vacuum until it could
bleed and became an
heirloom to show off the
list made of affection
required and often gets
mired in questions
resounding importance but
all too clear as to why.


Harbor the fugitive known
as Want when we think
it's immoral to become
the whole core of belief
in a system to ease our
small pain, in service
to kings and others insane
who will hold prizes before
us we sing to the chorus
of focused remorse.


Harbor the fugitive known
as Hold, to be all secure
and kept to endure the promise
of all who believed we will
triumph once more, though
it can't make a claim
as I try to take aim of
the only grasp I have in
utmost care given here
to all that I know.


Harbor the fugitive known
as Trust that we believe
in all truth have and will
keep comfort to soothe
as the forces around us
suspend safety in our
Journey as though we could
worry anymore Troubles
to gain a semblance of
fortunes unowned.


Harbor the fugitive known
as Friend, who we count
on to listen to our special
Life lesson and all that
we trial toward Good or
denial as we help them
in favor we should
always savor the
courage they show toward
our options of agree or not.


Harbor the fugitive known
as Love, who keeps all truth
waiting from anger and hating
will always forever be our
guidance through all
surrender as we triumph
and fail in all of our
hail towards freedom
abounding to keep us
protected from all harm

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Mass Gravity Time Space Energy Truth Love

Mass Gravity Time Space Energy Truth Love
follow order while offer solutions to the mind
give distinct reference as only One can in oasis
so, never give freedom the chance to unravel.

Spirit of my foundation for life within the walls
of this body how frail we are when shown choice
in matter and where does true purpose show itself
that is the secret of ages but here amongst us.

Binding trials to sweet relations as forward mixed
all often found me in walks of rain and snow for
searches unresting and narrow debris is certain
to engulf this program of fools cast upon doubt.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

sometimes reason sometimes Truth sometimes

sometimes reason sometimes Truth sometimes
what people want is not what they wanted when
they hear it spelled out so don't ever assume that
the thread is complete but neither give a quarter
to so as not to render the veil uncloaked for all
to not give opinions and sometimes they are
forced to understand and then they see that Truth.

sometimes they flow with the go and sometimes
they see the glimpse of what really is happening
and sometimes they accept the lies fed to them by
the big dogs of war and profit and sometimes we
all can't help ourselves and live the lies for as much
comfort to ease our pains and sometimes we become
the pain and relive the birth of pain and the Truth of
pain and all the pain that is able to go around and there
is enough to go around and we get very dizzy and
unbalanced going all around.

sometimes we practice bad manners but in the most
extreme like allowing men in uniforms to come to
our homes in the middle of the night and drag our
love into the street kicking and screaming and
sometimes we have no other choice but to let this
take place but sometimes we can take a stand though
we will suffer pain or death for it such is the cost
of real Truth and freedom.

sometimes I think the purpose of being in this sphere
is to learn many lessons of what evil can make men
do to their sisters and brothers here as we witness all
forms of irrefutable insanity of the umpteenth degree
and can we expect much in the way of relief? can we
see any reward in form of reform or favor for the
innocent? does this not become a schedule of utter
dark madness as our elected officials sit idly by with
their snot caviar and vintage snot wines and scheme
the fruits of future conquered sex and land.

sometimes we sometimes and sometimes there is
never any remorse to announce to the mass of us
the whole of we the condemned that is just the way
it is and always has been since beast man has walked
in an erect fashion and realized how he could take
all advantage of his fellows and ladies and rape the
planet dry until blood has no meaning evermore for
sometimes that works as it was meant to be and even
sometimes it dissolves into the abyss known as Time
and space and sometimes it even makes us think to
turn the knob of fortune on it's cherry-red ass.