Friday, April 29, 2016

Bla - e - Blob… I always loved

Bla - e - Blob… I always loved
pictures of naked people over
over Time lost on a cup of forgive
while the circus screams in
the background of inner focus
for all worthwhile prescriptions
kept in the drawer of waiting
for help to arrive but never
does… when I see the eye-
lash monster look at me
seriously and tells our peers
to become our enemies
when does the clock go
wrong when it turns back from
when it was engaged to a
piper in a pink lame´suit
as if such nonsense exists
in our universe of shame…
when you drove me to live
and I paid the toll of fortune
not guaranteed by prophets
awash'd in ecocide journals
or non coherent scribbles
by charlatan artists I sent
to the grave for matters un-
rehearsed… make them all
aware of it's existence for
Time is not alone but will
surely miss the bus if we
all stop talking - then the
last seance of babbling
like an idiot's ghost on fire
will be content as soon as
dinner is done cooking on
the facts of stove -
Bla - e - Blob...

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Run far to scope of

Run far to scope of
shame as plotted into
many indecisive c0oL

- when weeping, carry a
cause like kleenex to wipe
your fluids upon, otherwise
say prayers that no evil finds
you to win a deal only once
promised to the doldrums of saints
and warrior's bosses - Control
is but god to them

So must isn't on the platter
and do is all they can

- When Time ripens over
quarters misgiven, we shall
inherit the only move toward
freedom's parlor that we can
accomplish - When all play
fair, most lose - when
all cheat all lose
forever forward - See
me Love and win.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Say too much and you may be

Say too much and you may be

placed in foster care by

state sponsored jack booted

ghouls - Remnants of other

historical meanderings

and relinquished

thru many double fantasies

as evidenced by data made

public in human

thought escrow

- when did charm become

a weapon, and when

will democracy

be erased by patriots?…

uh, like, Now...

Monday, April 25, 2016

woRdSw0rLd copAy

woRdSw0rLd copAy ///   and other mights I've heard thru-out...

…real poetry knows know grammar...
piquant… you be,,,

---if only the meek would inherit the earth, we could buy more political influence >$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

thought rape will never succumb me.

found poetry is a moot investigation out of write-lock

The V-0iDs
makes me jerk chicken choke ad infinitum


while you make your
coins and dip you wick in
a love of them
we plot your demise
in our plotz to defend
our moral code is taxed
for life, so get in the bag
and admit your wife.

when yyou type with one hand, the other iis doing something. either nice oor naughty. regardless, it helps tto visualize the contempt ffor the medium…….. man ray ssay it so's…

A sanitized reality……... really, rose!
blow my nose and kiss my toes*

{kiss my nose and blow my toes???…}

for the benefit and total amusement of
fools, liars and thieves.
Captive animals seek escape - so help one sometime.

and speaking of time………………………………….. (((((((•)))))))

surfing time, seeking infinitesimal units that define seconds like eons…
then we should break for fast.

oh mom… this fuckin' life and all it's misery….

oh mom… I miss you so much…

I miss our talks, and your basic wisdom advice…
I miss what brief Time we captured together in
such a short Time to make up for all that Time we
lost over Time… hope to see you again in the next
sphere… have some vodka ready for us...

but like Arlene used to say… "all I know man, is I don't know…"

…and aside from co0L guitars & amps, i also adore:

- cute old ladies with nice heinies and legs and cleavages and red pedicures singing blues or folk songs while walking their small well-behaved monkeys on chains...

Our variations on a calliope

Our vibrations on a cantalope

Our reverberations on a cunnilingus

Our reservations at sex after eighty…

Our reactions to government spying

Our only way out is through their asshole, sad but truth////////////

stoic stories and others have seen me in my randomware

meanwhile……………………….  ?  ……………

paid attention demands colorful metaphors
so, live beyond yourself

i have an important announcement concerning the band...

Hector, where did you put the lettering enamel?

"we are home and here and will be here…"
-- T. Stubbs, (my wonderfulLy estranged wifeband)

Saturday, April 23, 2016

We, proletariat

We, proletariat

see all truth… hear all truth… speak all truth

Qi   -   (symbol)





Bring them all Home

Who Hurt You?

The Bill of Rights is not

illusion of democracy

Give No Quarter



Love Somebody


feed people


distraction for the masses is evil

All is done to do is let the words pour forth evermore.

live in reverence, humility, integrity.

strive Love

know fear not

Fear Nothing

Time is on my side

other than bits from other works

care for them

always think

go where it is…

Keep doing

Genuine empathy

blood and injustice


Time, space, gravity


spiritual healing

physical healing

mental healing


political lies

social comment



art, music, writing


Rave On

tragedy & comedy


epic statements

It felt better than it Looked

Don't Give in.

Never give up.


DO… then do more!

Allergic to Liars

Allergic to Lies

question everything

Stop buying stuff


(Peace signs in colors)


we won't play your game

don't play their game



the truth hurts
it's the truth

no more war

never has been, has it

Leave a Message

Please don't buy me anything.

Lost Business

Lost Home

Question Authority.

revolt or revamp.

I Am Not Afraid.

I read
I question
I think.

I have
zero tolerance
for your
zero tolerance.

The Beat goes on…

Thrill you I could

You ain't got no god.

soft anarchy.

Hard Core Pacifist

Voting doesn't matter

27 club

Time, the place
where space exists…

i am not afraid.

Ain't no way you
takin' me willingly.



I took this shirt off my ex-bosses back!

Used wet t-shirt

Laid off, pissed off, F#ck off

Wall Street Sucks

War. Barbarity. Greed. Pollution.
We are on notice, but we have not noticed.

we are the church of the latter day nazis

just say no



Not voting is a vote anymore

Tell him how you feel:

Barack Obama
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, DC 20050

"Don't salute the damned boxes, Mr. President, crack the lids and look at what you've done."    - Christopher Cooper


We have met the enemy, and they have more money than you, me  all of our friends, relatives, and neighbors combined x millions.

accountability is for the working class and the poor. the wealthy ride free. always have.

it's a crazy life. Let's hope for a sane death.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Heavy hands on Heavy hearts extinguish

Heavy hands on Heavy hearts extinguish
heavy breasts belonging to heavy friends for
giving breaks all days nights and weekends
but holidays never really come clean once
filled with joy and sorrow is the new always.

Where supposed questions reign answers
as our backs against walls of despair and
Time uses suspense to freeze all wages to
be given to corporate scum bags of theirs
will hide in false compartments as liars do.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

studio movement surprises overwhelming

studio movement surprises overwhelming
evens slash odds slash coherent coolants
given favors to flavors by inventing all
saviors so delites are outlawed by parties
of the first part and riders contract kill.

all the pretty girls their fancies taken
to levels of excite rogue are ever blowing
bubbles on the food of nude spirits whom
I stood with at the appeal of judgements
so's not to give'n any advice for worse.

semi movement over draft states and file
clerks wives affairs will bring a halt to love
as strife for life we depend many kinds
strangers bites us on asses both thick thin
when door knocking goes out the window.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Make you into what I think for was

Make you into what I think for was

they excite all us has-beens given

thoughts to broken managers left

by kingdom cum all silent types

will never need apply.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I submit to cold steel in

I submit to cold steel in
my room of desperate color
strings on a grid of twelve Times
twenty one give or take an only
voice who cares about less
fortunate than any ever I found
kneeling in my house of prayers
continue sinking but always
seeing brave worthwhile and
seeking homey's to be with
friends of thee I sing while
they gather a beat and turn a
deaf ear on these our brethren
I only stitch a wound for
Times cold dinner

I submit to cold steel in very
unpleasant cubes and wonder
how it all came to this as I
was just minding my same
0 same 0… when wind
finds you and knocks you
over the only way out is thru
your own dimension in warps
and wraps and girls named
yvonne or darlene or Lorraine
as I practice tongue kissing
and tit sucking in the adams
theater of newark oh sweet
sweet youth

I submit to cold steel in
one transport to carry me
wayward over vast lineage of
asphalt and concrete abyss of
only in amerika can you feel
worthless in a Time you own
how they suffered over this
landescape of folly by admission
becomes a destitute landing
by fathers whose purpose is
swindle murder and love of country
stolen by all who came with them
in a heat of pretense never to
accept defeat for kings and thus
promoted and subdued

I submit to cold steel in
the only form it takes to
load particles of lead brass and
powder for political gain or
monetary relief or love forsaken
which ever comes first when
we fall out of this sphere unto
the next the pain becomes a
lesson to all those breathing in
the penniless assembly for only
we truly know the value of
life and what it takes to
cause substantial virtue.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Your vibrations sometimes irk me

Your vibrations sometimes irk me



I left all your bullshit with

swollen heels, just stood my

ground and how that feels

my cause taken lightly so

much it floats while others

swallowed your junk like boats

to beat me down you can't succeed

I know the truth and it made

me bleed your things not wanted

I've found you out I will not

sell my passions out so I go

now on a merry way and do

tell others to keep away from

your death grip viper horned

which crass ideals used

bullets mourned should

be reversed towards

slimy holes we will not

sacrifice our souls for any

promise made unkept and hungry

eyes whose talent wept so

make your fun and tidy store

but we won't be part we're

not you whore ( • )

Friday, April 8, 2016

want is all my play is my

want is all my play is my
think of me and do say I
was a was for now it is
feel a lobe can make me diz'

when is Time called all upon
forward back and under on
listen tell it beyond way
foster hope in current day

spin oh spin life at once all
leave me sighing bound to fall
space of touch and dream to plead
twice arrested three times bleed

seems like shame not felt is who
closing eyes are sometimes blue

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Not complaining just voicing an opinion

Not complaining just voicing an opinion
run, run wild as I did once young steam
punkish girl & boy and who you are is
what i am but not confusion until later.

We pause for breath and breathe for Love
and Truth follow us so we should capture
those in our living book of roads traveled
while Time passes so quickly in stealth.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

I saw a thought drift

I saw a thought drift
by and cascade into a sea
of opinions. Ripe for the
season, I tried to grab it as
it floated by but came up
empty. So I went down to the
local ice cream parlor
instead - And there  it was…
The perfect scoop of the
cream of the ice. It was
on sale, 2 for one, or a
penny for your thoughts
which I lost over the sea
of opinions, (remember?).
Such is the stance of
ever vigilant maneuvers.
Thus, by my own accord, a
new balancing act. Conceived
in corduroy, and birthed
in Brazil, (a nut, you say…)
only to find the cheap
outer chorus of monotonous
droning of chimpanzees,
each humming his & her own
stanzas of sweet bliss on
the open plains. And there was
another thought this time,
but I caught it just in time.
Took it home and showed it
to my wife. "That's nice dear"
she uttered without a silence
-- and it all could be yours if
the price is right.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

See my silly. See how Time

See my silly. See how Time
chases its tail in a fervent
example of froth and torque.

Hear my silly. Listen how
the waves of light reach
to begin anew day every Time
I employ that spectrum.

Touch my silly. Wonder how it
feels, this matter seething
forth from distance within us.

Will we ever get to that point
of crossover where exist and
dream become the same - Real
verses compiled in this sea
of durations probe ////////////////.

Sunday, April 3, 2016


merry raga

fever pitch

a strike in common with

garbage men in memphis

WE still weep for HIM

and his courage brought

us here to decide that

ray fell down we heard [•]

Friday, April 1, 2016

Almost angry visions

Almost angry visions
lessons to unrest

bleeding by desire
hope hangs by a thread

masses follow a lead
leaders think it's for them

hollowed awakenings flourish
A mist in the midst of courage

when the need arises confused
we will wait for the signal

perhaps the fire will be doused
All we can ask is forgiveness

I don't need all the answers
but to know you love me...