Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sandwich grill, sandwich girl love a tune

Sandwich grill, sandwich girl love a tune
follow me on facebook learn to love all
bullshit offered in today's amerika and
never question what gets thought about
all aims toward de-mock-racy or any escape
that may include the Fucking God Almighty
Mother-Fucking DOLLAR
and the Scum
who swear it's protec-tection in this the
realm of the coin………………………

Little lambs eat ivy and big lambs do not
exist in this sphere period as we traipse about
eager to transform the landescape into a mass
of poisonous mud and shit where we search
for potable water on our grandchildrens safe
passage and their grandchildrens legacy will
indeed become the holy wholly nightmare
motherlode of all nightmares and written into
history as the greatest thought experiment for
all to obey, of thee i sing…………………….

Monday, June 29, 2015

Have you met the men who have died near the water

Have you met the men who have died near the water
have you seen the children choked by the greed
have you met the women who suffered their honor
I've seen these times and in vain did they plead.

Have you heard the screams of all brown skin babies
have you heard the curses of their parents in pain
have you taken a stance at the cause of injustice
I've seen those corporations who are to blame.

Have you sworn all you soul to the thirsty desires
and ignoring the troubles of the fallen below
will you give a hand toward making blue oceans
will you put any trust in our causes to grow.

If you feel an injustice that grows by the hours
where Truth is our only weapon of choice
that's where you'll find me in seven dead oceans
that's what's become of all drowned out voice.

Have you ever tried in vain to not follow
all matter promoted to keep our brains dead
well now is the hour for lonely reflections
please follow exactly the words I have said.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

No daylight…no plans or joy within

No daylight…no plans or joy within
our lives bound by fate and our Time
woven by hate through the men who
rule us and the women who fuck them.

Let it all be known once and for all that
we have a choice, but to use it is certain
death premature and freedom contains
all hope but promises will never be filled.

There is someone of those before when
they brought the tracks of hope the hours
of need the existence of what we are to
become but our plans exceeded to fail.

What happens as model to behold a fate
of service to these men of injustice, these
captains of industry, these barons who hold
our cards in the rift of unforgiven essence.

None so shallow will ever be told to understand
the fortunes of spirit we have all control over
as we excite the causes to justice and Truth as
shown by those admired who have suffered dearly.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Lies of power live in our houses

Lies of power live in our houses
all they offer contains Truth hidden
in dungeons and basements of torture
and murder and money for workers
who cover their tracks of deception
never to comfort all masses of people
save that of their tribes in dishonor.

Your fanciful slogans to reign in the
tribute to give the illusion of thought for
it passes never to give the cue that will
contain all the funds to better our friends
who expected more action and so goes
the movement to gain the attention while
pouring cement with all our feet in it.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Once is enough to twice be uneasy

Once is enough to twice be uneasy
mic soldiers become tired and queazy
as roman, er… german, er… us-inc
for matters at hand pretty much stink.

We sell you your death it is our job
and many a taxpaying fool will be robbed
it's the plan been put forward it butters our bread
as you rot and lay dying with concrete as bed.

Life as grandparents knew it is done
if you pay attention you know they have won
they always do it's their purpose their toll
stealing from us as they gain all control.

Gather your instinct and burrow your stores
the hollow men coming are lost in their wars
and never leave solemn as we promise a Truth
hell that you witness is what they show proof.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

where rubicons prevail to host any

where rubicons prevail to host any
matter of the spice in the minds of
childish fortune and lest we forget
the total fabrication of all our folly
and jest toward those deemed less
fortunate so it goes on to the moral
center of providence and all others
must pay dues or an entrance fee
which ever is deemed greater.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

much of a muchness

much of a muchness
less of a lessness
need for a oneness
give is The Trueness

hope is wish-washy
think is more promise
Now is location
Love is One power

where it be going
leaving to all here
always was this way
I saw it becoming

some also remember
what gives you a feeling
sometime is all over
sometime is forgetting

gather all choices
from boxes of passions
send your best smiles
lovers of dreams won

leave more than taken
have never regretted
free every boundary
with total forgiveness

admire less comforts
stand with the lessors
let overabundance
be not our burden

trust all lives honest
as truth will prevail
toward give us a holler
when you need forgiveness

theres only one place
where all is for certain
and I will become
your brother in Love

just put all discomfort
and agony mounted
against all the odds let
Now justice prevail

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Little rocker, self made mocker I

Little rocker, self made mocker I
was telling the waiter how I wanted
my fate or to contain the coupons to
redeem at the checkout when leaving.

When we walked to the corner with
little jack horner the empty screeding
grew less of my bleeding for any more
substance upon while all is believing.

What pity we offer to any less coffer
while visions of ungifted uniformed
jackals wore me out in my shackles
was all a ruse for redundant conceit.

As she wept by the fire and free of
his ire we got back on the purpose
to connect all of her less than stellar
foot forward then grace was to meet.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Who comes here of age in the finest of

Who comes here of age in the finest of
whole humanness and friendship towards
other travelers with reverence and delight
of heart mind and spirit… to that goal we
stand in harmony and solidarity with all
those in need of our support and moral
courage for united we are made stronger
and divided we are weaker as the elites
will press us down to stay that way...

Sunday, June 21, 2015

He will always forgive Me for any

He will always forgive Me for any
trust I may neglect toward Him or another
for I am human and certainly not infallible

He will always come to Me for comfort and
blessing of security and devotion that is all
He will ever give Me and I am fine there

He will always trust Me after all this Time
as that is Our vow to hold with each other as
we venture together in this sphere upon

He has his moments of grump as I do some
for We are here to learn control of what the
matter is and where We bring that is key

He is always there for Me and I for Him as
I care for His needs and care for His life to
protect Him from all harm that is My vow

He will always be safe with Me no matter My
circumstance or challenge or indecisive move
with My life as it is more than what is good

He is the most loyal companion I have ever held
in My arms or ever taken responsibility for as
this is what matters to Me as He is by My side

He can do no wrong in My eyes and I remain as
close to impartial in that regard as is warranted
such is Our partnership together here

He is Mine and I am His for He is the true one
who reigns on My bed and life supreme feline
that is His own indy one and apologizes to none

Saturday, June 20, 2015

I'm sorry I got rid of…

I'm sorry I got rid of…
there are material things sometimes
stuffies that are used as tools to convey
messages forged to impart ideas and
mucho revelations to other breathing
fleshies such as i be in humble attire…

I'm sorry I got rid of…
all the toys of my youth that kept me alive
for years on end and the stories they inspired
to proclaim whatever parable I desired to
play in all my heart's joy and innocent abound
as we continued forward in growth and plans…

I'm sorry I got rid of…
the instruments of delightful musical
Time in measures given toward all I
once cherished and had worked hard to
attain in my vocation of youth as was
known by few and loved by the sum…

I'm sorry I got rid of…
vast amounts of paints and substrates of matter
performed in the hours of the morning darkness
and stored with the intent going forward to
become something it was wished to be but in
honest reality not quite resolved as yet…

I'm sorry I got rid of…
my costumes of my performances that made a
splash in the art circle where we dwelled to
take up a quest to fortune or even a similar
tribe as what I now call vacuous aesthetics max
where as I have found a better thrust forward…

I'm sorry I got rid of…
all those humans I was more than fond of with
their human bodies entwined around me in that
sea of pleasure to subdue all forms of insecure-
ness and propose the final virtues allowed on
all my seven tears of convince for touching…

I'm sorry I got rid of…
any remnants of discovery that brought me to
this place of being who I am and what I will but
wrought upon any power I can bring myself
to adopt the ultimate ways of Love to all the
masses who will need my help to survive...

Friday, June 19, 2015

Of lust we fear for capture (should not) but

Of lust we fear for capture (should not) but
let the game be continue as we keep all
pleasure as comfort there is nothing more
sacred than admission of denial so count
up your pennies and give all trials and
errors a welcome belief for tomorrow we
will surely lose all tangibles and that plan
is just focus for the understand of forgot.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

One only follows what one is pretending

One only follows what one is pretending
is truth which turns out unbalanced with
just a wide glance of never ending types
of destruction since we only hurt the one
we love so as not to be confused with…

I always thought THIS we would turn out
better but I never afforded any leeway to
give promise in some dark secrets forged
by inept officials and self governed dipshits
who are the emperor puppets of all offensive
depraved rich motherfuckers and the women
who fuck them...

Which is it going to be: death by slave labor?
Death by oppression of opinons? Death by
what amounts to circumstance? Death by all
manner of being in the wrong place at the
right time? I give up Alex. Let's make it a
true daily double anyway, 'cuz that's the
only way we dumb-asses know...

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Here's to all those who ever

Here's to all those who ever
drew a peace sign on their
textbook cover… or who thought
that Grace Slick was the sweetest
piece of babe ever… or who
raved on about finding the intro
chord to A Hard Day's Night...
or the first listen of Hendrix was
a most profound experience… how
about that first tongue kiss on her
mama's porch… what ever became
of all our innocence and plans… we
were so young then… we were so
sweet then… we were so we then...

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Whose law is this and why should I care

Whose law is this and why should I care
when the bill is delivered you should aware
that your side their side is superfluous to the
litigators side which is billable on every tit for
their tat and every which for their want and keep
your emails shallow for the word count is billed
by the hours it is read - think I jest? - Hire a
lawyer and find out.

They know that the resolve of your most precious
issues is tertiary to their primary function which
is to gain ALL the money available. This is why
elected officials more often than not started out
as legal plunderers. Con-men all. Snake oil salesmen
is too polite a calling. We should trust these charlatans
with our very last pennies? Our only hope to survive
this game of thrones?

They play on our fear and we should just nod
our heads in agreement as our pittance of solemn
savings is taken from us as a jester of 'good faith?

FUCK THEM!! - and all they are bound to us and
beholden to. If I was a lesser man I would kill them
all where they sit in those plush offices with their
orifices in warmth and security.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Retired librarians sweet young ladies they

Retired librarians sweet young ladies they
be as quaint and vibrant as any soft human

a treasure of knowledge and much needed
freedom I miss from my past as a reader of
hope… was she so shy in her real-ness one
folly as I crept in her mind to discover all

And what of the by-laws consumed through
all of her elders to carry tradition forward
in mirth.

I miss all of them those wise and
fair ladies, whom I fantasy to this day with
my visions of flesh and freckle touch and ever
displayed on the light of all honest in another
dimension as I wish I may have explored when
youth was my forte and forward a virtue but
those days are gone now so I treasure them all.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Such is the what of we hold on our own

Such is the what of we hold on our own
hearts minds soul free to wander alone
free in the element of who is us whats
it matters in end oh it matters lots…

Some say once, some say twice, some say
anything that should suffice but I say talk
is cheap and Love is not so hold your gift
to measure what others have not…

All comes around as all is prone to do for
any amount of effort can not misconstrue
all power of being is not sold on any shelf
and I offer you Truth in spite of your self…

Never accept the words heard from rulers
they tend to divide all who are just foolers
I give them run for their money 'cuz that's
what I do so they have my pity boo-hoo…

As we drift ever closer to the flame that is push
I feel myself immersed in labor think as such
and all who remember what guidance I've left
will never be vacant in Truth as my gift...

Saturday, June 13, 2015

summon the purpose of your life for all

summon the purpose of your life for all
who follow as reminders of what to do
when shallow victories hold empty upon
hosts of favor and all is forgiven thus

as each while proceeds only happens to
Time in its place as is kept alive for all
to perceive and anoint this subjective
matter to be cast into space as it exists

et al favors kept to compromise alien
backlash as if we could secure matter
when all who doubt cure all who slouch
that is nothing if not correct procedure

Friday, June 12, 2015

She wants to kill my fire

She wants to kill my fire
erode all passion into void
quell the Truth from my mind
spirit stops the motion for
only Love can break you if
abused within the One.

Wonder is as wander does
it hurts until it gets airplay
then it just goes boredom
for if you stand on the tracks
while the train is approaching
be prepared to give subtle.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

What's been done past is all done now

What's been done past is all done now
history her tinker spy sex
lost in seas of wannabe left
cold feet born conjecture perplexed.

Always hearts beating will get sliced
easy has hardly does thorough
will support garner hope be lost
never see daylight never flow.

Saved they are claimed fragile
brought out spend money more
dollars not have given loaners
until badges knock on doors.

Trust is forgotten quite plain
so memory serves quiet task
never felt so shallow as this
never will required to ask.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The cow's already dead yo

The cow's already dead yo
ya'll killed it with your consumptions
he started this dialog of chimps with,
"you're killing that steak with that
sauce, that ketchup, that's blasphemy
in the world of steak…" I see, I said
your license plate decrees, "Eat Beef"
to which I say you are a chicken for
that amalgam,,,

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

sweet imagine rumpus on the floor of what

sweet imagine rumpus on the floor of what
transacts to purpose given deceit is such a
lonely word and nary is only but carry is
holy and wholly we go to frolic in zero.

sum of this rage given forward unforgiven
to men in uniform to cancel all reverence
to dance will our lust in the streets be null
and our life less than dull by state paid hero.

one can just think of a Time in the future
where all of the children can play without
suture and every moment given is the Love
we have lived in as what should be purpose.

but till then we abound in the pleasure unfound
as we play games of torture and destruction is
our orchard when all should be treasured of
much to be pleasured and never to hurt us.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Since when does it fit the shoe to customize

Since when does it fit the shoe to customize
all terrain sandals that will conform to the
current wanted posters of the 3 letter agencies
of empire's lies and prop'o'gandized aloofness...

Foreseen by ancestors with the proper cred of
Karmic persuasions and not to mention although
I guess I am herein Truth of the ages and Wisdom
of the sages and Justice for the pages written upon
all substrates given license to tell the news as it
should ever be thus for masses and asses alike...

Only YOUR weariness amazes you as I now get your
jest, (Bob), you fooled us all but not me anymore,
mo-fo… Got your number and I call it out as tripe
- the stuff of charlatans. God Damn, Joni you were
right! You go girl-frieen…

But all gets considered in the folly of waste products
and fluffy pancakes when I give reverence to what
needs reverence and that is mostly working classes,
poor, those in true need and all that pertains to their,

(really our), life...

Such it is and so it tis before ever aching bus rides
with mommy to her shrinky we ride the glory upon
all memories remembered and all tribute forgotten as
I cast the final draft of foreplans and discuss all
concepts of rent paid and credit slain in this utmost
folly of concepts conceived and connived by any
means necessary to protract all the more that we
should abhor and that is the plus which I only discuss
with ever redundants and Lovers of the Truth…

Sunday, June 7, 2015

…stir soft the mixture that gets sold with

…stir soft the mixture that gets sold with
some recipes of past generations and most
reservations I cherish given what transpires
within all form of desired wish to exalted
messtufflefisheswahzi… this is my stuff of
dreams and salutations observed in the highlights
of primordial GooBaby's resound once all is
secure in the garden of sensual Seattle and her
most affluent reign of phfluff aghast in celestial
whither and forward we regress toward any
mass reproach ever gotten or gained immorally
and thus is spoken upon all of our observe for
we will never get past our own ignorance...

Saturday, June 6, 2015

was it me or us or who gives a found in

was it me or us or who gives a found in
complete parables before the ultimate
care of feed for those in dire need and
never again to bleed as the royals savor.

always heart laughing gives pause to a
smile on Time's doorstep as we seem
too oblique what gives us unique so's
not to buy speak for corporate favors.

once in a while I give piece of my mind
to all present witness as never before
given would make me forgiven always
I am driven toward Justice and Truth.

it never occurs to our fathers as purpose
regard all the hope which is given toward
lovers and the meek who will hover what
a concept to cover me under the roof.

Friday, June 5, 2015

what does it take this frame of want

what does it take this frame of want
for all intent unforgiving with no end
of justice seen to stop the stifle of all
soul and cause erupts upon a vanity
wish stream and mighty waters to be
washed over my portions of brainwaves
amidst all laughing legislators that I never
gave a sign off on and never will…

your ceaseless too remotely given pause to
my increased interest involve of what you
are in repulsed stereotype fashion given
who gives the final orders who being those
reptilian gOoo-bags we should have slain
when chance was once our only choice though
still better to be of peaceful nonviolence
for all karmic sake and providence…

such is laugh as I roll over to assume the
position that confrontation belittles me
as from those on my side that need lessons
in understand who the real enemy is but also
this is the whole task toward winning any
marks of worth founding for they are numb
from enemy's drool and swag and we should
help them for as allies they will save us all...

to drift upon islands of what is thought of
savior desserts and potions the likes will only
cascade within all the muster put forth by those
I wish to explain this vile mess we are caste into
so that solutions may be formulated and always
intervened once the carpet is laid and the people
have spoken their views so all that is left will be
total re-do, re-org, re-sort, re-be, re-etc…

re-cap and re-possess…


for all human-ness to strive forgive
for we travel beyond this sphere and Time as
we always have and will  (•)

Thursday, June 4, 2015

So many lovers not touched by this

So many lovers not touched by this
mouth or hand or ever want of close
always there was been so distant as to
what wrings Truth to cause an echo
in the spirit of peace for enjoy can
often become it's own guilt.

I never could accept the pleasure
given freely for reasons unknown
to this mortal day as I think of all
the things we've done together
while our hearts were young, (Del),
but walk on ahead is as was for me
the way to a spirit awakened for
that was a key I accepted once
there wasn't any other choice.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

since when did it become a custom to argue for

since when did it become a custom to argue for
security when all our trials by fire exclude any
promise of sovereign nations to be free of this
states abuse and causes of destruction and death

such is this reality given towards its rulers of
kingdoms of self professed virtues all out in
force for humanitarian generosity which equals
murder and pillage and rape and then affluence

so go then sit in your broken pot and ignore that
which does not concern your immediate matrix
hold your pillars staunch for a roof that offers
no justice in this land of pretense and lies

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Seeing is sought and being is taught and little

Seeing is sought and being is taught and little
more than affection can lure me to a guise of
perfection whence when is where and what is
bare and all I ever need is within you to teach
me plainly forthrightly and ever so nightly we
will reveal all tolls of garden and trust if only
we must so it extends our continue as ever we
lust and such is the ghost of all present endeavour.

Hearing is that which we can only scratch with an
itch given sandwich to nourish our buds and taste
never reaches over for a feel of notes that drift in
our lives flourish and seem ponder to listen as once
was a wander forever to solemn and always will
heed as we mark all thought with ribald mistakes
and the baker of cakes is a maker of what guides
us forever to chide us unless we adhere.

Speaking is only sounds made to purpose and ever
we poetic to give license over matter on grounds
that a fervent resolve gains pity over all those who
reach sounds that will certainly be a plus toward any
city we live in or choose to want lovers who cook
for our senses and loose all matter in silence as we
gaze upon those who so often chatter as maybe all
must pretend that to do is a choice opted.

Tasteing is joyous in remembrance of events past
as we stroke the bells of Time Or define the aromatic
tidings of seasonal bliss where once was amiss to give
what we thought was a scent being bought to lovers
and friends and all witness the ends of the pungent
revile as I revolt past the vile where all of our oder
contains many memories for we are the glamour
encased in xod's armour as that is another purpose.

Touching is explore provoked on our flesh and always
given gifts to promote what we cherish and want is a
blemish but what have we gained if not only learned
to command all our aims toward skins we admire and
lush is desire when I use my tongue lovely on you in
my cushion so not as to pushin' but given all choices
we have to hear voices is what pleasure can consume
us beyond all for resume most delightful.

Thinking is where we hold all our saviors and many
the flavors to give us a trial and theory is weary but
thoughts can be vile as exampled in elitism tested
so better to be bested or suffer you will forever to
be trusted by peers who get busted because the state
is one demon encompassed with all held in trespass
as I witnessed revulsion from one percent expulsion
and never will give them a quarter forgiven.

Loving is solemn as I weep for all the unchosen to
suffer past witness of what is remembered toward some
embers of fire for those are exploited as well we can
hold yet all who come forward will remember the law
put forth to condemn any witness who gets caught
scared shitless when that which is traded for that which
is jaded to keep Love at a foremost treasure the whole
host what makes us strong is that we believe fullest.

Monday, June 1, 2015

At the heart of conscience and the basis of

At the heart of conscience and the basis of
good will should we dwell as part of any
solutions to ease pain and suffering toward
our human kind.

We extol all Time on our side to guide
us into the next sphere of value so we
may ever be a cause for what values
affected that are our purpose.