Thursday, March 31, 2016

There used to be a Time when I

There used to be a Time when I
could correct the second Hand
and offer a Third. Then I found
A Secret in the basement of my balance
so fragile that the expired warranty
became an anecdote to success
for at least thirty days - Sixty
if the down payment was a goose.
"Hey", the acrobat yelled from the
trapeze, "where do YOU get off?"
"I can't take them seriously when we
afford these basic pleasures to
anyone in need for free."
It does work that way so don't
Let anyone Tell you any Less.
When I see armies of giants
I know it's Time to pack
the spoon & pillow AND hide
deep in the sorority

= Ω.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

You wouldn't last a minute

You wouldn't last a minute
in my jungle. Here everything
is equal. It may be different in
size, but we all get along to-
gather in harmony. Does that
sound dingy to you? Are your
receptors all awry with flagrant
fragrance? You should understand
this jungle on a level consequence
of quo•status. Heed your need
for seed not greed. That's the
ticket bro. To ride the lust
of my passion on the train of
nuances. My heart beats for
the ONE in the jungle…

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Once was a Time when all who

Once was a Time when all who
dared listen came away with the
most wonderful sense of Akashic
Records. Again in the womb of joy
directly before the matinee starts we
stand in line enjoying a performance
of young men beating on plastic. It
has taken me back to a much
simpler Time when I was sick home
from school and my Nana would
make me soup and buttered bread to
keep my strength up so that when I
grew up, the talons of life would
turn to me and rip and tear at
what walls I built around me to
protect my kingdom from you. I
never finished the project.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Gravity's got you

Gravity's got you
captured on this planet

what of the Any of
the Anys? - where is
the Time of the Times?

Shame is only laughing at
pluralcide's content

and once we proceed
upon this Time again
in another guise, then
matter bends for us
to chance - if only
to be born at will…
- perhaps we are!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

See how fine his whistle

See how fine his whistle

blows in the railroad of

discretion. When Time

used to be candy rewards

for illusions of influence

NOW there are trials and

lawyers and bares oh my.

We hold these truths to

be self evident but the

law has been superseded

by blatant abuse of payola

for ivy league children

 grown into roles of deceit

and finely tailored cloth

from lands in their pockets

and soldiers in their parade

of self-righteous tyranny.

Saturday, March 26, 2016



Friday, March 25, 2016


SHUFFle of TIME Bubbles
Left on The Porch overnight

insignia of Lost Arrows
discarded by Cupid's MAID

- ART THING - A ROSY cheek
to be KiSSED with a silver
Haired Brush and A STROKe
of MIDNIghTs waiting Forever DISTANT (.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

I cannot play your notes

I cannot play your notes
to do them justice - I can
bellow out the words and
stroke the rhythms' forword
into this Time inwhich we
Now appear within space

- Remember all of the others
who bent the vibrations with
me and whose attempt to
secure happy-ness from lonely
people before us, gave us a
certain happy as well - I
will continue as best as I
can to secure my own words
and their rhythms.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Some say not to SHOUT

Some say not to SHOUT
- it gives headhurts and bad
vibes - I am only
emphasizing esmirelda
not euthanizing so no
holds barred ok?

The only passion left in
these tired lungs is what
only trips I have left
unto our Time - We
still must learn to be
together no matter how sad
we become  ((((((((( : )))))))))

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Psycho Logic writing

Psycho Logic writing
in the dark - ONCE it's
flawed, it's almost impossible
to fabricate the truth - correct
me if I'm left, but save me
when you're done - A time to
every season in 4/4 time - A
while is just ago in a fraction
but so is an eon, only juicier
- quit the one who suffocates
you but teach them not to
swerve away - it's only
copyright infringement if the
lawyer says so, but they can't
feel empathy regardless ^^^^^^^^.

Monday, March 21, 2016

was it a brief perhaps of notes in

was it a brief perhaps of notes in
discovered caves of thought but
light came to us in a dream and
we cashed out all current wood
and wire for a song worth sung
and a hymn worth hummed but
that imagines a stretch of Time's
engine to endure, engulf, and end
at the precise moment fractured
while all manner of bliss is both
contained and contrived forward
of wading in sorrow's pity for every
last rite to give unity is laid down
before us…


then hence disregard for palettes
unhealing and pitch is the virtue
where volume has no ceiling and
skill can be undone and redone for
many is the price paid to escape that
plan though i always thought discipline
kept me at study until i discovered your
sweet burning passion left on the covers
and grown at a moment but though
never equaled was always worth giving
a notice more bitter than ever foreseen…

Sunday, March 20, 2016

walk a simple trust in light we bare

walk a simple trust in light we bare
all our lies to dissolve in the soup
of humanity upon once we heard
stories that taught us values not so
redeemable at any abominable store
box but many lessons worth more to
children be made to listen and then
understand what treasure really means
to all that lives upon the earth.

as I grow and reflect within my Time I
would pass here during this sphere there is
only one fortune to bequest upon any if any
heirs of those of you reading this beyond my
years given will and should become aware
of all I tell you now which is the fortune
of truth and this truth will sting and cause
great discomfort in your life for most of
what gets told are the lies of the victors
we are not of their side ever for now.

was always this way so this cogent wisdom
I can inspire towards you and your people
is all that I can bring from beyond the void
and that is the fact jack and don't forget to
thank my spirit for the tip of the cosmic
hat or the wink of Time's eye my dear one
for it is you who truly matter now that
there is even less quality left here.

but do not despair for you hold more keys
to success than you ever could consciously
realize and that is the first step to understanding
the truth and what it will bring to your life
and the quality of being to those you rightfully
call your equals friends family lovers and all
the faithful you can spread these words unto
for the myths of stories written past may
sometimes inspire but myths they always will
be and truth is what exists when you open
all senses to accept these gifts and the signs
that point to them for your sublime direction
will proceed to the next level of this journey.

Another vernal equinox

Saturday, March 19, 2016

…my grief is overwhelming

…my grief is overwhelming
as my brain is tied in
nots --- reversal of
magnitude and lisps
of pollywogs utter a
faint song of mornings
glory despite my ailments.

- Belief is just a six
letter word for under
classmen as myself, but
so goes the arrogance
of selfish people.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

you should all have a respect

you should all have a respect
and reverence for your Time
- for all Time for that
matter for it really matters…
Time is the Space we exist
and ignite in - it is the
road we travel - the Blood
and Flesh held together by
Time - the Heart and Soul
bonded in Time - the Mind and
Brain pieced together within
the puzzle of Time… do not
be beholden to the clocks and
watches - they are just a minute
portion of man made machinery to
symbolize the containment of Time
beautiful mechanisms and slight
tributes to mans genius for
passive technology - but only
a small and brief testimony to
Time itself - pure Time is
where we all are now, and other
aspects of raw Time is where
we will return… the passage of
Time is un-recordable in its
total scale - it is a faint
whisper of Time - to track its
duration with devices and
instruments is the best we can do to
understand the concept of Time, but
to grasp its fabric in Space is
an understanding for another Time...

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

wince not for time that

wince not for time that

may have been - opportunes

lost to the allegory of

pseudo whims and bodies

warm and fair to the touch

- those posts in time

are long over - due to

escape of fortitude and

destiny on placebo cakes

baked in a lover decimal

- behold your pleasant

time as current and

funded in life-scapes.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hence was and

Hence was and
she causes me
to stir a delay--
cherish is a word
but so is exhaustion.

When the self chosen
place holes in the pieces
of Time left un-opened,
then there is no here
there, and only their
few Time remains.

She didn't stay home
and that noble cause
she drew a straw for
gave her a return ticket.

Monday, March 14, 2016

It's not an allegro salad

It's not an allegro salad

in the ministers pants.

What could possibly go

wrong now that Renoir's beard

is on fire with the muses

privates - We swim more

than we aim to please

and as such expand the

backseat to a parfait of

homosote - Thus seeking the

last semi-tone in this A

just and senseless room of

harlequins - all dancing for me

in a sea of riddles and

frozen daiquiris.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

bed top drumming makes

bed top drumming makes
me feel like starting
a band - going to the
goof ball and charging
admission for them to
come see me play •••••••

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Once a by gone trapped by

Once a by gone trapped by
ultraviolet infrared
with a side of chartreuse
not to be confused with who
do you love…These colors
I love them all which is
why I prefer black and
white to lessen the burden
upon the men of GATES who
being trapped in his rightful
heir laying siege to this
space and Time redundancy
will emerge with his purse
strings un-altered    ^••^

Friday, March 11, 2016

I'm just here

I'm just here
what good can I be
I need more time
this space is just me

involvement means risk
and prescription's amok
no one knows what they're doing
so wish us good luck

I wear no clothes statue
a look but can't see
the homo inside mine
existing by plea

give me an ocean
and a drink for my peers
I'm left here still standing
for the next hundred years

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Computer illiterate because i use

Computer illiterate because i use

never used to one until a while
became years and years and the
business we built vanished from
us because of greed in the wall
street thieves and douchebags
who thought control but are
none the less stupid motherfuckers…

if ony dey ask me ida tol dem
dat deys all lessy an shit but deys
gots to learnt fo dem own selfs...

sos i sez fuck em wey dey breeth
cuz im a 'live my life the way i
want to…' (brother Jimi, r.i.p….)

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

f0uNd PoEtRy #a

f0uNd PoEtRy #a


Here cements from a Verpaarung seal


with white and

a father

a lava

that with white.


The mouse is obviously



with white.


Also mink?

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Burnin in hell with all the other saints

Burnin in hell with all the other saints
sinners rule heaven on our self-inflicted
restraints while borders are chosen with
meetings of cynical rulers with loud baits
I wander thru evil all around me while
innocence stands and abates.

Cylindrical coffers to hold all our booty
leave rationale science to the right of
some snooty being all tucked into Hi-Rez
pix of my fresh shaven cooty this never
was art despite my misfortunate resumé
since all art is objectified fruity.

All I have then offered is left of the table
while some unfortunate soul has less than
is fabled or have succeeded over the wall
and fled as is able unless caught with the
center of attention and drifts forward
with ancient verbs and superfluous labels.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Helpless Horses

Helpless Horses
Defrocked deities
malnourished moons
in effeminate poses
with hap hazardous allure
so we can wrap our presents
in silk. To think it was
all for a moments notice
contained in the other house
of cards, and dealt the
velvet tears of onerous
oneness to decide the
Fate of nations with a
button, we put on a mask.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

In the age of Combo-Nation you can feel

In the age of Combo-Nation you can feel
the wealth of new sensation as we struggle
up our dig-Nat-Tea and the stress wash off
of you and me always think what possible
can be while the cards we once needed then
get burned taking on all of these lessons
learned where keys to freedom will get turned.

Some get pimped on easy money don't expect
their outlook sunny when all excited they run
for cover and blow kings vessels over one
another I surely think discarded lovers will
find a way to take the treasure so turn your
hope to another pleasure and always head
down roads that lead to better measures.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

These terrible things to think of once

These terrible things to think of once
we set our mind against all ills we
suffered at the hands of less than
more so evil men and women.

All whiles given towards penance if
only to remember the solemn promises
given that were never redeemed at the
radio store of life's fulfilled prophets.

When I live in waiting against the hope
which can no longer be afforded us then
there is but one resolve, well, maybe two
but no more than a million ways to leave.

Friday, March 4, 2016

of these as we explain all such

of these as we explain all such
complain when all you need is
much less bargain for belief of
manufactured stress while all
cycles of indifference go back
to sitting on the fence when so
is what and lovers die alone.

never burst a bubble clear in
counting up for ways to fear
holding bygones wish in hands
left through scheme we fish a
troubled sea unspoken tales
dreaming lives past broken at
large approve unsettled tone.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Animal paintings reversed in spacial pastures given

Animal paintings reversed in spacial pastures given
license to adapt one another within the last verbs
written from atop my loft o'er the great state of
Kansas garage factory where i rest my cases in.

Only nude photos once exhibited in the Newark
Public Library, (yea, those many Time signatures
ago), were thought a gift i gave to you and them
not once forthoughten that true gifts rendered inert.

Time thus passed and wounds remained open all
throughout my journeys here as i watched in utter
horror the has been freaks work the room of the
money changers and the priests of fakery.

Was only a brief glimpse from what i gathered upon
to witness the thought dreams escaped after decisions
made to erupt my Times kept in a vault of which i
paid dearly only to destroy years later on the farm.

Here now immersed in the final outcrop vestiges
used in unforgiven squalor and zeal perplexed ions
have given rebirth to sounds and words forgotten
only lifted once more as phoenix rises with scorn.

                                   end part I

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Seismic Wooly Bully's congregation met

Seismic Wooly Bully's congregation met
abusive language on the corner steps of
heart broken church all a gust wind needs
to refresh the Fresh Prince of Chevy Bel-Air
in a Heinz 57 sauce baked until graphite
freezes over while matters of your Auntie's
fine cooking gave way to glimpses to her
undergarments of which there were many.

Always on the prowl for a quick escape
uttered my dearest friend in all the world
(that being Neptune, chicken of the sea),
leaves a paltry sum of absolved varieties
both in Absinthe and choco beans for
which there is no turning back from the
most heavenly sight of garden delite of
(yea) your Auntie's undergarments on
the finest spring morning as I undergo
surgery for a vulgarity replacement
but there's nothing like the smell of old
concepts brought to the table of regards
to Broadway and beyond.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

sickly coded coats of virus laden laps

sickly coded coats of virus laden laps
furthers ploys + agendas of pilgrims
and popes and rulers all destined to
die as well as those they victimized
such is the irony of lifes inner moral

give me of function w/ form in harm-
onys unspoken as unknown is as un-
kept does once all will is left out on
cosmic stoops broken in weddings
performed as lying in wait and see