Monday, September 19, 2016

Fuck your fReEd0m

Fuck your fReEd0m
fuck your flag and fuck your
sister on your porch texting
her stupid in iraq about how
much her vag-J-j aches for
his riches full of come and
dumb is what you are.

Fuck your h0lIdAzE of burnt
meat and hollow values shown
about what bravery is when it's
only cowards who follow orders
to invade sovereign nations to
rape their women kill their
children steal their resources.

Fuck your günZ and gAmEs
and fly overs of weapons
amassed beyond your understand
of the games unleashed for profit
in your kept unclean serious for
your solace is not without merit
as the owners profit on our divisions.

Fuck your mOthErfUckIng cEos and
tax free billionaire douchebags with
their fake tax break philanthropy evil,
vile, despicable men like bros Cock
and rock-o-fell and all the other little
eichmanns and their submissive who
tow lines for suckles on their gods tit.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

too much hate between the tribes in

too much hate between the tribes in
-side with masses for context here
could be virtue that rarely happens.

color matters none we stand together
divided we fall make peace with each
all us in this kettle hand in hand.

should elite swine ever face us on our
home standings they will perish at
the hands of only fates allowed.

gather your neighbors from near and
far to offer the way of understand for
if not the risk is greater than you bear.