Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Your exhibition title disturbs me to

Your exhibition title disturbs me to
all ends of earth and space how you
came to these conclusions is quite
unacceptable even during courses of
our past friendshipishness you should
rethink your positions as to what really
constitutes 'suffering is optional' 'cuz
nothing is further from the Truth old
friend. No iota. Nothing.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Lonely missiles seeking context on

Lonely missiles seeking context on
orders of neocons hoping for non
existence of the 'useless eaters' that
Heinz Kiss spoke before I wished
him into the cornfield, (silly douche).

What ever became of times are changing
when they never really ever have or will
be only an arm length hazard against
my Truth and Justice for only an insane
can control this sphere - film at eleven.

Our nakedness once amused is now
encased in silos of hate and jealousy
as screams are heard on river banks
taken over by contractors with ample
brass encased lead for use on us all.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

while a little for oft is our finding when

while a little for oft is our finding when
we sell off our birthrights to devils in
sheepish once we get our bearings so
we were astonished as in Tales to
Astonish where Iron Man was born.

give us this day our daily grease and
give us a moment while we hide all
the evidence from prying eyes of justice
which never existed for dark skinned
heroes or those i adore so.

gather your virtue from under your
closets and hang all your laundry dirty
as is to dry out in remorse but you'll
never play that game only your tepid
chances to undermine mine for yours.

Friday, June 17, 2016

When the phone rings I become

When the phone rings I become
insolvent and liquid is not such
the evil enemy as some fabric of
conspirators would lead you to

Once the lifeboat sinks we can
begat anew against our roman
candles and string cheese and
barking dogs give me the runs

As I pondered week and worry
over many a curio cabinet lost
in the ozone of my volley ball
team composed of naked ladies

If only love breaks your heart
why do they prescribe Time to
heal it rather than opiates given
twice daily or weeks in the knee

Such is appetite of erect monsters
in vacation on my often plagued
figurines own display with license
to incense and peppermint will kill

Monday, June 13, 2016

book four titles running

book four titles running

how many WHENS ARE
Punk hippies swirling in

meant to be Trip talkin Boys

Barcoded warriors have

has a firm grip

my mistress is my thought

my guitars laugh at me
but at least understanding

Friday, June 10, 2016

You should take this word

You should take this word
to stack on top of another
then under all of that
there is public domain.

You should hide this word
from all evil and villainy
which could pose a threat
to any condiments for peace.

You should swallow this word
and digest it with poetic justice
for every drop of Truth becomes
a win against barrels of lies.

You should keep this word
and all others like it for all
your days and break it's
glass in case of emergency.

Have you guessed this word?

Monday, June 6, 2016

unattainable accidents

unattainable accidents
misgiving lapses in
aerial circumference

do what you like, just not on me

i suppose they were being science
fiction when the right reign never
was right as rain

selling me a line to use again on
this river of used references and


us though the temptation of
aerial ballrooms

most for the fun of it, but never out of date.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

circle closures screaming squares

circle closures screaming squares
tense triangles pornographic polygons

mud be a wench tonight
be a trove of cereal to rot our
childrens teeth amongst the
stars and poison only works on
seriously deprived non-refundable solvent venture
capitalist swine monkeys given all honor away
as is wont with their code of doo dah day.


such is such is much all much and bound for
california in an aqua turn of events forgotten.


I will be done on earth as it is in reruns.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

"Nothing is Abstract," I

"Nothing is Abstract," I
heard the madman cry out
in the streets of rational
thought. We are all very
complex beings, as any 'real'
madman can attest to. Our
inner abstractions contribute to
unrealistic desires, and wants.
Our needs are simple enough,
and much easier to comprehend.
But our desires are quite
enough to send some people
screaming with total unease into
the depths of disregard. A
formidable dilemma most
certainly to task the most
ambitious psychoanalist
into a froth of their
choosing. The breakdown
and re-assembly of
structure within these
thinking caves is what
drives us both to and
from all critical thought.
We are who we are, but
we wish we were
another. Curiosity may
have killed the cat, but
it will always lead us
into various states of
dis-repair. Oz has