Sunday, January 31, 2016

Save your dings for auto bodies not

Save your dings for auto bodies not
guitar bodies which we need to blind
the wicked as they corrupt our cakes
and pleases given adjustment scales
of any proceedings that follow our
advice on twitter though i don't sub
/scribe to that folly and never will +

i see the sheeples gaze ever so vacantly
on various sizes of windows hand held
either or lap held ether or wall held lather
as blather informs now and Truth has a
slow leak in the inner tube of trust with
nary a place for man made gods as i find
out who steals the main course of please =

reach of stars not blinded in style or deft
rage beyond resubmissions and lonely
premonitions sweep under tides of echos
heard only in dreams less traveled if only
scraps of thoughts that entwine all production
of  solemn electrical blankets in passion of
chills and deceive is just a seven letter word π

Saturday, January 30, 2016

who knows what who knows who when

who knows what who knows who when
is where what is when why is how who
says so I am slow you are go-go we are
tired of selves in photos I ran an ad to
hire a selfie taker take selfies of a youfie
but my whosie got a whatsie and your
booty is still snooty toward my cooty

so jes shud ap an enhoy the jollie...

Friday, January 29, 2016

Big fat hairy banananas thats

Big fat hairy banananas thats
whats the kitties means todish
give 'em a mile and they take a
millennium give 'em two so they
can invite friends over for dinnyard.

Scarfs I'm not making just brutally
honest as if you couldn't trustest
with the mustest as the Blues Jr
weeps without me don't go there
it's a sensitivial excursion towards.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

who am i to struggle with

who am i to struggle with
this pain in life as sure as
it will slow me as sure as
it will defeat me if i let it
as certain as facts lost to
the wind of wheels in motion
i accept to not bend as i have

who am i to struggle with
terms never offered for the
release of all prisoners that
came to be hurt for politics
or philosophical wandering
of minds less blessed than
what is acceptable for the
elite point of view…

who am i to struggle with
affairs of hearts minds spirits
and connections within Times
iridescent recovering loss in
a sea of drop cloth purpose
when all i really ever wanted
was a porpose to explain to all
others how it goes on...

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Supposition, ain't that a shame, (Fats) once

Supposition, ain't that a shame, (Fats) once

I worked at it now we give failure an A +++

when all i ever wanted was what I have now

but I didn't realize that until these words ring

true on digital paper on rising stars on words

are all fo(u)r letters and bright is what I was

never good at but I digress…

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Whatever you was once you are only

Whatever you was once you are only
there in moments glory a rhapsody of
mind candy or mind fuck take you pick
guitar pick close in on ways to exhibit
supple samples of close nitwit apples.

You care about these things yet distress
about them and their proponents who
have gained favor upon mass support via
millions of dollars in fiat currency which
you don't support hence the rub of butts.

Dream of only words in the distant night
as we dream of flesh and pleasure to ease
pain brought on by mass extinctions well
conceived on machines created to extoll
all other human virtues as gifts given.

Then sit in the corner of expulsion and
corruption be your outline to follow some
neo-crazed professor of witless vibe as
handsome mergatroids vested in blue silk
road pajamas give mama a money run.

Monday, January 25, 2016

drowning in a stupor of humanity forced

drowning in a stupor of humanity forced
out by spirit less willing to fight and
starve their conscience being will alway
draw fire from gambler who run thing
we need to sustain our please thank you

so far the border is infinite never told to
planning commission or the board of
the bored who get no promise for never
having fully worked a full Time upheaval
or course available in parochial night class

Sunday, January 24, 2016

solace wanders deep into plush 'scapes

solace wanders deep into plush 'scapes
while yonder broods evens as smiles
become moments become Time again
lost to ex-favors given toward you

since lessons upon us force deep against
trouble i've bursted some casual bubble
when younger pleasures saved us all
formed in cellars of houses we leaned in

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Only alone is only heard at parties for dead

Only alone is only heard at parties for dead
uncles and vibrant aunts with painted toes
proceeding to be inebriated on sex with whole
nephews and nieces brought into the folds of
crazy politics given once a chance to free.

While black prophets languish in prison under
horrible vile conditions while the rich accumulate
more wealth than ever imaginable in this sphere
please give consideration to understand what
is really happening on ALL of us in this divide.

Friday, January 22, 2016

When I become evil will I know
what it feels like will I know what
I'm doing will I be aware of the
misery I caused will this become
norm for me in my life amidst
that which I love…

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Three hundred and thirteen bongo drums

Three hundred and thirteen bongo drums
voicing opposition to the oppressors of
all peoples want freedoms a different drummer
of notes for certain as we dance in the streets
of Love and Soul Time and Space and Thought
are our salvation on all matter that none can
take from us without our fight for the struggle.

See what can be through our eyes of Truth.
Hear what can be through our ears of Truth.
Speak what is from our mouths of Truth so
as to never stop the spoken words we hold
to all the breast of all who yearn to be free
in this sphere and to gather that safe journey
back to the source when all here is done.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Artificially colored and flavored

Artificially colored and flavored
guaranteed to produce massive
birth defects in your heirs
death defects in your testimony
all manor of infestations in
your systems and constitutions
unless you are lucky enough to
acquire special immunities due
to acclimated inner relevance.

To stave off inner infections or
otherwise outer wind blown
archives of fundamental goddamn
vestiges pertains and all aspirations
of sanity for want of just being
yourself take several doses daily
on the hour every hour unless all
patents are violated against the
empire with some major side effects.

There will be some harsh irritation
of memories pain which in truth and
practice does keep us all going on a
semi irregular basis.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

wEt rEvErB

wEt rEvErB

speak to me oh echos of my past
the flow of combo-nations out
in push pull up down strokes on
steel against wood forever kept
in memories tucked away with
dreams of vinyl kings and queens
and all who lit their way brought
the reality of what wheels turn to
make clocks tick which brought
me misery against a love

I should have never left.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Same rule applies to every being regard

Same rule applies to every being regard
less being after floods of perpetuates
as given toward finding Truth in this
mix of incessant wallow for given.

Oh to give me a home where the faint
toward my art roam as I play house in
this ever ongoing romp known as life
within domesticity and woe is me.

Should you ever be afforded the chance
to start over to reclaim past glories or
any past Gloria's - Don't! It reveals the
sum of your weakness not needed.

Once we get through this bound for Time
upon twice as we roll dice in symbolicness
gestates and throw away stones perceived
to make points then we relieve suffer.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Careless whistles rolling off tongues

Careless whistles rolling off tongues
of pubescent anarchists in fits of untold
stories brought to life by censored age
of wisdom notwithstanding or life as
was known long ago is ceasing.

Ever cheerful our hero gains favor in
Times as these whilst traveling through
space incognito with adornments bought
by later coupons clipped in memorys
fortune given matter to succumb.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Loose out thin relax fat is at which

Loose out thin relax fat is at which
all fony fax give a hoot some say
why only cause you gotta try when
is why and who is where get that
cylinder out me hair so it is always
thus no got muss and never fuss.

Gen X not got any rhyme Gen Y
busy alla time Gen Z set on vibe
they told even though they not be
fold Gen Boom fault is here-say
doubt I won't give in what me
about so-on so-on so-on so-fifth.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Floating stiff through isles of glass

Floating stiff through isles of glass
souls leave tracings here that remain
developed when it suits the Time
purpose wills and always does regardless.

What is to be is all that Energy lifting up
flesh that otherwise droops in squalid
despair as do thoughts from often give
a chorus toward past and future of Now.

Walk without stand within watch our
nature course as beckon and seems as
follows for always tempted while young
hearts hollow should yearn for Love.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

insert that record this copy what for

insert that record this copy what for
give a shit for all concerns by almighty
blunders forth and too we go ever
more sounds echo in my minds eye

plug my plug in a plug with a cherry
on top my swoonish beast of squalor
for only short Times memory holds
keys to escape this madness sphere

such manners escape them and me
as well for what we deem as serious
is folly for the masses and mass is
just a volume for the depictions erupt

while searching machines for bastions
of choir preach give a hearty hey ho
to all travelers concerned when half is
better than some more taken to limit

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Sell me a river

Sell me a river with no bridge over it

cry me some tears to help come fill it

give me a heart toward empathy heal

show all compassion tell me you feel.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

move quietly in semi-tones across the

move quietly in semi-tones across the
vinyl landescape from whence you came
on sheets of paper left for dead in broken
xeroX machines and always never forget to
not unremember the quenched tundra that
we laid to dry in the clouded sun morbid
follows as fellows give graces to our wives.

blue air resolves all questions remaining out
of toxic blue counterpartmentals and self
relaxing diatribe nations self absorption gains
favors in bordellos favored by small giants
as only gravy would allow once we give away
any clues to the idiot police and verbal abuse
is all we need to start the revolutions turning.

Monday, January 11, 2016

We was fifteen once and felt those

We was fifteen once and felt those
same pleasures a half century ago…

What was became and is now but
not reason to become another quip
in history of me and us we was we.

We was then as almost quite now as
once we were but never came unto
what should've could be were stupid
misguided cocky where it not count.

Such is such is what we was no matter
holds candles or dollars burnt tryin
as extraint will cope and false gods
are not allies but business managers
so speak well with all song copyright.

As I walk the line (Cash) and spin wax
I will fear no evil or show biz attorney
for thou wire / wood with me and thy
silly saint groupie adore me and carry
me all through days unforeseen when
I finally lose my shit on a greater stage.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

When your Art disgusts

When your Art disgusts
me I see the sheer folly
for what it is - the curious
empty that you labored
over, but labor is a foreign
sound to you - your pride
is shallow at working the room
and that is what you do best
- A Marketeer - A Barnacle
-a wimpy charade wanting
to be Loved for money and
ALL that glitters - Pity You...

Friday, January 8, 2016

Sometimes today is the best Time of

Sometimes today is the best Time of
this life sometimes yesterdays yesterday
is the best Time on this sphere sometime
tomorrow will be today as we continue
yesterday… all the same though for
Time is not a linear construct Time is
always here forever all at once.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Oh yea Mad Hattie it was the circus mommey

Oh yea Mad Hattie it was the circus mommey
who released all the orphans of hate into the
repertoire of Time/s end that leads us not
into temptation but to sickness and bankruptcy.

Whole was Zimmy once afore he had his family
threatened by the three letter sons of liberty (sic)
who eventually convinced idiots like me that the
only way toward suppression of Truth is to obey.

Never have i given in as when helios burned my
top and back so blistered that i wept whilst The
Nana gave comfort on my healing and all was
more the clear then to realize subtle potions.

Next came those old evil doers the catholics
as they scolded and lied scratched their heads
in befuddlement when I asked the questions of
Time took my gum and otherwise made me see
the light of their con game and history of shame
and sham and lo & behold how Truth I was.

Back to beddie bye then Mad Hattie for the real
plus sizes may never find the fit we wish to throw
at Zimmy or any of his oppressors of brown skins
we will seek Truth now until then and dogs may
bark in the distance but cats purr in our beds.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Mail order guns bought by confused

Mail order guns bought by confused
little boys wearing clothes their wives
girlfriends or mothers got them at the
local box store where friends and family
work to support someone they think will
love them when all is said and done.

Never happens not as long for eternity
uses scraps in the denial graveyard and
minds of great worth substitute Times
romps in the snow or the grass for
evil stays dormant when we occupy
Love for the sake of being honest.

No one here gets out alive, (Jim), so
rightly we proceed toward the ever
promised pie and boat level for always
get what you take is not supposed to
be at others expense but daddy never
taught that since he was not careful.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

settling on forward in wilderness of urbanness

settling on forward in wilderness of urbanness
does the plot reach a boiling point after finicky
adhesions are exposed to the elements of politics?
and if so then why are the walls screaming at me
night and day constantly?

i have been here before a long time ago during a
Time of great upheaval and war… as if there has
been a Time unlike that in a score of millennia…
what matters is that humans are a fickle feckless
race of fleshy meat beings who have lost their
way but that some are trying very hard to gain
a modicum of decency to redeem the Truth for
the redemption of their spirits.

in so doing i give full support to us as a race to
protect the all seeing Time upon us and gather
such Love and respect that many here seem to
cast away like inane garbage… we shall bear
that burden for as long as needed and we shall
overcome some day, (Pete), and needless to
suffice to state facts of virtue what a long
strange trip it's been, (GrAteFuLL dEaD).

Monday, January 4, 2016

kAnSaS called my name once so here

kAnSaS called my name once so here
i rise each day now on were it to ever
happen that i never made it to i dont so
realize that option given all purpose has
purpose when all rhyme has rhythm but
who write the rules that not rhyme has
rhythm too as well as timeing unbeknownest
to TIME in the manner of all space and
memory is kept within until used without

Sunday, January 3, 2016

sweetheart parochial fundaments condiments

sweetheart parochial fundaments condiments
left beside a road more wornout mobsters
gleam towards better understate as drifting
pursuit bears giving a protect for Truth calm.

we live here now and regret ancestral decides
for reasons we can only repent by our morals
decadence removing approval for any decisions
made by white misanthropic stolen authority.

destructions eve comes further close than ever
thought thinkable when starve is norm to give
and kill is norm to wage as i watch the machines
swoop down on them as i wash my disgust in spirits.

no matter perceived will ever offer any condolence
to poor unkept children and their family watches a
vigil in the sky and hear a thunder manmade that
will bring death in numbers quite obscene standards.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Heartless, heartless what they do in what

Heartless, heartless what they do in what
they do in all our names we will break
free we will prevail we will not give up
or in or out or down. We are everyone.

Feckless, feckless what they are in Truth
they reveal their lies and cover their asses
to gain a trust we know non-exists in our
own world us. We are everyone.

Careless, careless what they give for anyone
they have spent all moral codes and bought
murder mayhem and malignant construct
into our Time here. We are everyone.

Loveless, Loveless what they say they're not
they care for their own and theirs is all as we
are if and never cared for and never will for
matters not to them. We are everyone.

Friday, January 1, 2016

new years day

new years day

useless bygone era of wallow in all
that transpires within will patently
lead to some form of doubt amplified
by fear and tethered to a destructive
amour fou boasted by the slaves to ego
and other deconstructed notions of
movement without the just cause to
bear fruit toward the severed ideals
of demons in control…

here the Time mocks us as we try to
separate days from days, and moon
cycles from the earth orbit just to have
it all tidy and kept though each amplify
is only a false opinion like a leave on a
synthetic tree in the mall of capitalist
exploitations and hollow everywhere
are the voices of oppressed peoples who
have no say in the society they are ruled
in but whose voices are sustained always
in the Time that exists in forever is the
Time of true purpose…