Monday, February 29, 2016

Run, Marilyn, Run…

Run, Marilyn, Run…
run as if your live dependant on it
like an old rock man/child/woman
thing that you iz with things all
around you with many other things.

Run, Marilyn, Run…
give the girls and boys more time to
think and lose thought brought back
in Time by you brian, 'cuz you are
the glove worth smellin' you iz.

Run, Marilyn, Run…
while the poor people scratch heads
as to what you mean as 'ART' well
i know what you does as 'Art' only
I know what it really iz called - WEAK!

Run, Marilyn, Run…
i would throw out a floatation device
for you, but it's better just to wait and
see when attitude and proportion give
you all the balance needed to trip.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Frostbit giants leave traces of flawed

Frostbit giants leave traces of flawed
shadows wired through incompetent
selves of yore and vacuumed purpose
soul touch upon a Time favoring all
guidance and hence mistrust toward
our glistened balance overcome with
our own sea of grief and despair.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

retribution is the whole stuff that

retribution is the whole stuff that
is morally wrong and I denounce
it as such… who are you to claim
this ownership as yours?

what total utterance of bullshite
you admit through this congregate
of false worships and the gods they
fail to represent… your ilk disgusts
me your ilk is not just in the way of any
lord savior… Repent your douche-baggery
so that the future Gens, may have a
solemn propagate not eschew that which
is theirs for the future of simple text
and all that is nonsense online or

Friday, February 26, 2016

everyone will

everyone will,

everyone wants,

everyone needs,

everyone cries,

everyone suffers,

everyone can,

everyone talks,

everyone tries,

everyone should,

everyone doesn't,

everyone chooses,

everyone leaves,

everyone steals,

everyone loses,

everyone dies,

everyone must,

everyone comes,

everyone lives,

everyone pleases,

everyone loves,

everyone hates,

everyone who,

everyone finds,

everyone out,

everyone will.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

I had a train wreck once maybe I

I had a train wreck once maybe I
should've self contained my mind
for that comment when small was
really tiny and tiny was miniscule.

Did you ever wander into wonder
and escape with your cape intact
as was once given the only-sane
-bastard-in-the-universe award, hmm?

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Thermal dynamics play a

Thermal dynamics play a
key role here in wishing to
construct the ultimate in
Ladies Love and Money -
You may digress all you want
but I tell you there are
forces at work here to drive
us all insane and the majority
is - what sort of compromise
can I come to if all you're
willing to sacrifice is one quick
pi bake contest and not even
look at the puzzled look
on my sister-in-law's
face as I ask her for a

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

some-y change-y hope-y hippie whimpy

some-y change-y hope-y hippie whimpy
for hamburgers today gives me food for
tomorrow as seen on tv and the guru lies
dormant while the witness tells truth

Monday, February 22, 2016

This weeks flavor

This weeks flavor
of false flags and hate to cover all
the wrong reasons and all the right

Who gets it? Who benefits? Who
are you? Who will give a pound of
pride for an ounce of Truth? Who
and who again.

I'll ignore your callous remarks and
your selfish lack of empathy for yet
another bath in the waters of almost
convinced but who really cares say

As you pronounce the deficit of all
souls abandoned by your empire of
douche may the contempt of ours be
applied to you and all yours for all
of Time's sake.


Sunday, February 21, 2016

Hearts, Minds, & Dumb Motherfuckers

Hearts, Minds, & Dumb Motherfuckers
led by noses they barely own to see them
all taken advantage of is gut wrenching
fo' sure and if I was a scout for the better
being of the greater galactic good, I would
surely question the motives of keeping
such a place as this island Earth operational.

Let the train whistles blow as they cross the
lines in Wichita with their cargo of crude oil
ready to explode at the next junction so we
can ride in cars and trucks built bigger than
in any previous generation and let the trains
bring our monster TVs to watch the monsters
on the shows where monsters pretend.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

once a craft became a vision for seminal

once a craft became a vision for seminal
wavering justified through thoughts given
flight by way of processed cheeze ongoing
to town to get a simple pie man to play bass
in our band of strokes and cloaks and while
for blokes willing to sacrifice their sisters
virginity for something as lame as shallow
video game whose title escapes me as the
way it always does and we are who we are.

another rogue another ivy twaddle per se so
see by another composite brought fourth is
easy as pie to the men who blast fortunes out
of reach of babies daddies tried to do what is
right for the left they proceed only once will
be twice and three is what charm you throw
under bus under wear under facts get caught
in stares of unabundance will be our undoing
so on we travel in the vehicle of forgiveness.

Friday, February 19, 2016

seismic horses leaves a wonder put

seismic horses leaves a wonder put
heavy waiting gods of thunder but
only prescribes what a scenic for
unkept tables all anemic chore

sole on feet worn weary capture
bonafide work of bleary rapture
not that kind by distant cousin
head to aunts magnificent lovin

woven bliss has put me under
love you love them maybe blunder
seek advice from foreign maids
thought i wandered to get laid

does you does or is you isnt
want a poet of your recent
would you give a bro from cant
maybe i can find some chant

Thursday, February 18, 2016

you think them politicians in dc - NO!

you think them politicians in dc - NO!
those bastes in corp with ruin - NO!
all promises broken are final - NO!
we those people demand justice  - NO!

they will never… they will never...
they will never… they will never...
they will never… they will never...
they will never… they will never...
they will never… they will never...
they will never… they will never...
they will never… they will never...
ever give you any satisfaction or
justice from the trials of their
objectives to surrpress our love…..

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

So who owns what and why did they get how

So who owns what and why did they get how
as must've been hired muscle men to extract
resource as they are prone to do and we sit as
idle as lamb in the field waiting for numbness
protrude as it demeans for our sovereign class.

Such is the anguish of life the desire for filling
want and doubt expressions should equal more
Time given as the comfort of snow all around
me would give justice a proper definition to
Truth which is a very bald commodity these days.

They must be accustomed to our rights being
withheld from us as is the basis for their callous
meanderings in some form of document that we
should be in awe of that gives them the free equal
to take our rights and throw them in the shiter.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Another full of baloney doctrine to

Another full of baloney doctrine to
keep the masses occupied while
their fruits get stolen by the kings
of the world…

the claims to all you toiled for
you poured out sweat for what
you gave tears for what you
spilled your blood about…

make no mistake they are the
harbingers of selfishness and
mockery of the justice the truth
and the love…

their only goal is to take yours
for they believe in their hearts
that it is all theirs and all theirs
alone period…

put spit upon them and stink
and mire to thrust into all of
their enlightenments and give
them no quarter otherwise…

above all place utmost pity on
them and all they hold dear in
life for it is they who will never
pass into the next sphere...

Monday, February 15, 2016

They hate us for our freedoms, or so

They hate us for our freedoms, or so
I have been told
so the gubmit takes our freedoms away
now they won't hate us any mo'

Shoot, shoot, shoot, they won't
hate us any mo'.
You just shoot, shoot, shoot,
they won't hate us any mo'.

The pres'dent has toad us, dat
when Tuesday morn' has come
he'll pick a brown skinned human
drone him kingdom come.

Bomb, bomb, bomb, they won't
hate us any mo'.
You must bomb, bomb, bomb,
they won't hate us any mo'.

Here is the question of all matters
at hand for simple reason unknown
land I loved is now justice endangered
oh my how the fascists have grown.

Stomp, stomp, stomp, we hate
you all the mo'.
Stomp, stomp, stomp, we hate
you all the mo'.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Where's that who read me poetry as I

Where's that who read me poetry as I
made presumed art on a machine with all
pure intent as the hours whisked by in the
night forbidden as we learned from each
other where all thought is born.

Where's that who stood on the stool holding
hammer and nail on the hallowed walls of
presumed art with bare feet a glistened near
my eyes and tongue on fire with lust held
suspended as the morning sun crept.

Where's that who thought kneeling before me
was a prelude to kisses and moist on my bed
and scented as violets in spring it was as we
talked through her window in scant hours of
twilight then held in a nest of sweat.

Where's that who was held as a hostage to
love and promises always defended forward
as we both argued and held together for years
on end until the end finally came but I didn't
get the memo so I mentally creep out.

Where's that who got me to thinking about
matter of writing and where the poetry reigns
as we swoop down upon what is most in all
precious as music is form most wanted to
giving flavors of Truth sans legal corruption.

Where's that who gave me courage to bear the
empty of night's lonely and contempt for all
matters engulfed in greed and religion devoted
to nothing when presumed art is foremost at
the back of my days in question.

Where's that who once buried a sorrow in my
lap only to rescind it in fortune and commit
nothing of worth toward my only true wants
as the house was vacated and the axle was
broken and the moments' love died.

Where's that who once flirted because wisdom
I offered was proven immense of immediate
concise and as smoke came forward in drizzled
rain cornered on streets of all purpose was left
with a want and regret for a kiss.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Last chance bullshit will never

Last chance bullshit will never
happen as it keeps the world
turning churning burning well
into the form expected as engulfed
we be as we are we as we will all
ways be and we are all together
(John) influence confluence comes
hither and I am astounded by graft
almighty as I like we ask, "Where's

Friday, February 12, 2016

ya aint got no indypendance

ya aint got no indypendance
nor any freedoms or passes
ya aint got no glory holes
or succulent young asses

all yo got is this hear say
can ya see by some early
lite like bud is a flavor in
dark with hair curly

always afraid ya of those
otherwise friends and never
believe the uncompromised
as ya search for the levers

of power ya angst over for
who gives ya a decent worth
ive counted the seconds all
watched from years birth

lies is what gives ya from
history taught all untrue
always i find bastard liars
there meant to find ya blue

saddle up when ya speak early
of dimon, koch, goldman n sack
all those responsible for sins
and never give shit of jack


Thursday, February 11, 2016

Jackoffs making money on crap nobody

Jackoffs making money on crap nobody
needs save for wanton mind fucking.

Soy kidnappings brought on by only
Times given refuge for demented enablers
of elitist swine birth rights sown from
banker hags and blown up residuals.

Give us this day our daily bombing raids
on brown skins of the other world as we
pick our righteous numbers for the proper
place in the food chain as opposed to the
chains of slaves who to this day exist.

What, you never had those thoughts to
exterminate all forces of innocent dregs
left to embalm our quite nicelies? So
much for pantyhose on the faces of
robber barons gifted in the unpleasant
art of rape and pillage and bears, oh my...

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

we do not pass away we pass

we do not pass away we pass
through we leave marks of profound
beauty are remembered some leave
scars of terrible atrocities some just
leave as though never seen or heard

we do not pass away we pass
along what we learn so others may
inherit a just knowledge or better
wisdom which impart learning to
even more others along the way

we do not pass away we pass
back on this frame of Time all
journeys to follow Truth along
from dimensions of always kept
reasons found as I always am


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

On cue our ball of confuse is worth all

On cue our ball of confuse is worth all
toward the circus that resides in what
is considered our government what we
replease to enact os accord and accept
as effuse gospel will almost adhere to
certain types of struggle when the jets
let loose of their ordinance on innocents
and desires of kings become accepted
within concentric circles as I will do
my best to denounce and stifle their
hobbies in the lobbies of our lives.

Monday, February 8, 2016

The brain is full the brain is full there

The brain is full the brain is full there
nothing left to do but let him run wild,
(Brian), cuz I feels the de-foot of the
only feet to feel lacks lustre in my
brain but don't remind me of it pain.

Who''s on top now who" s on top here
the wealth of mr. youse, (e.e.), it makes
me dizzy my ducks are fallen out of their
row none so that as the more we ache in
much of these as we explain all such.

The brain is full the brain is full what
value you hold for kept in sullen throw
when held at charges brought on by all
grief keeps a journal to report back upon
souls less invited when kings thought.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

So close so far so what gives them

So close so far so what gives them
what have they become what have
we learned of where we really are
the mind reals from non-expansion
of thoughts lent toward Truth.

So much so happens so placed upon
us all to believe lies again and again
and yet again as we forget the lies of
lying past and those who told them as
we admit what can we do, really.

So given so often so as to perform a
basic right to light out from darkness
as we ride into more final uncovers
then all will be upon us as destiny
desires and never again to return.

So learned so wisdom so taught will be
our true salvation in this sphere of woe
as it is perhaps the test we spoke of in
the last test looking forward seeing
back and all is ever once as one.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

whose circus is this anyway where

whose circus is this anyway where
once we laughed so now we cringe
horror met over bread and poisoned
water while reapers cast shadows
upon our all even doubt at odds

Friday, February 5, 2016

slow comfort always resting favor as

slow comfort always resting favor as
if matters of heart and mind and soul
could remedy those attacks of strings
and things prescribed for aches, pains.

small wonders escape unfathomable
prestige given wholeness due when
pieces of golden candy whores banks
rob the masses as they wait to give.

fortunate sons are wondered for awe
in explicit retro cycles toward any
manner of slackage and verboseage
and never turn a blind eye or worse.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Seminal orchards filled with swift easy mommies

Seminal orchards filled with swift easy mommies
vacancies unfulfilled while licking their candies
social disorders swept under Times carpets
wish you were here now as I kill all my bank debts.

Orders from tables forgotten whose troubled
don't want to meet parents with bonds to burst bubbles
give silent noise which erases all sorrows
meet me in darkness to disable some heroes.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Wholly holy pudding and pi kissed

Wholly holy pudding and pi kissed
the girls and made them weep against
eternal nocturns as we proceed forward
toward the backward nation amerika
has become… (become?!).

We will never accept any unholyness
chosen narratives spewed out by media
that is really very bad entertainment as
we splat on couches not yet paid for and
muddle forth in houses soon to be empty
of us and our pathetic belongs as if belong
is any proof of being long once the safety
valve is stuffed with values less wondered.

Once I was duped into sweet propagandanistical
secret-ions of bliss to fulfill any questions
as to authenticity of who was the true
oppressed and taken out, out of their context,
shit taken out of life for the sake of what
… shitty cheap furniture? - Crap TV and
bloated sports teams? Loser entertainers?
Predators loans and food that will kill you???

I am the lady and I doth protest more than
any of your extreme shallow prothesis of a
life served to you on platters of, not gold,
but platinum, while we swallow uranium
with our daily bread and will NEVER
forgive your trespasses against us, you
most wholly evilest of the evil vile

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Push distance between thought word

Push distance between thought word
action live on moments perceived while
bronze beauty engulfs our planetoid
upon here in minute stanzas forward of
visits to other worlds all within us.


There we was upon sister Time in waves
of memory pain placed on back burners
and held in jets of seldom noticed pain
given license to mistake you for another
beast in this life  which I relied on.


Cause gives thorough means to begin
regular bouts of Truth waiting want on
begging to be spoken when all I ever
would focus was clear in mind and
thoughts are careless in thinking.


We sat on the beach embraced in cold
leather and spoke in silence as cosmix
mixed wax as poetic tends to sheen on
all matter gives way to subtle kisses
which we had then long ago.

Monday, February 1, 2016

from when we came forward in

from when we came forward in
with goals laid out beyond our
iridescent apprentice who babbles
in the corners of dead demockracy
while ever lurching toward the
center of our lives expectant.