Friday, November 20, 2015

Crimson BLUE Green

Crimson BLUE Green
universe waits outside
the next sphere as we
roll a thought toward the
Plexi MINDS of foolish
educators relaxing near
the pool of indifference
- when the moods of
Queens are thrust upon
us like rotten fruit on
opening night, I feel a
warrant coming on, but
those have been out lawed
slowly and now must
caress what is Left on
the tits of liberty and
justice---For myself
I see many free souls
in a few eons, so until
then we should lift
the burden of proof on
a snow bound game of
CandyLand as my NANA
sings 'You are my sunshine'
while cooking on that
hotplate of chance and
scroll down to the edge
because yesterdays dream
was lost at see...

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