Wednesday, June 1, 2016

"Nothing is Abstract," I

"Nothing is Abstract," I
heard the madman cry out
in the streets of rational
thought. We are all very
complex beings, as any 'real'
madman can attest to. Our
inner abstractions contribute to
unrealistic desires, and wants.
Our needs are simple enough,
and much easier to comprehend.
But our desires are quite
enough to send some people
screaming with total unease into
the depths of disregard. A
formidable dilemma most
certainly to task the most
ambitious psychoanalist
into a froth of their
choosing. The breakdown
and re-assembly of
structure within these
thinking caves is what
drives us both to and
from all critical thought.
We are who we are, but
we wish we were
another. Curiosity may
have killed the cat, but
it will always lead us
into various states of
dis-repair. Oz has

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