Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Strangers asking forgiveness

Strangers asking forgiveness
on the eve of remembering correct answers will
always win a heart or two in the corner of twilight.
We can only postpone for so long and there are
no favors given once the house burns down and
they steal our retirement funds - for my money
it's a long drawn out, knock down what have you
- but I'm confident the spillage will activate that
last stupid insurance membrane as I leave the
station aboard the last train at midnight ---

You can't ever show the real colors of truth to the
silver tongue official with a blank stare he's hiding
behind on the interrupt of regularly scheduling
programmables - or our ladies unmentionables
which we will defend the honor of at all costs ---

There's the train whistle again for the 11:03
- TIME to wax your butt, have at sit down so to
wait out this storm ---


Strive LOVE.

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