Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Nothing More

Nothing More




Nothing more repugnant

than a man made of gold

who's slippery tongue and tower

of glass shades the world in

aspects of power that lasts

forever or so it would seem

as I lift spirits inward today

and tomorrow both never to

borrow of his files we spit and

we curse them till death do we stand.


Nothing more gracious

than a man made of wood

who's hospitality and favor

for our well being asks but a

pittance to savor this life

as I rush toward the spiral

and cheer in his passions

so dear is the planning and sowing which

on solid built platforms never stops growing to

hold us together as one with his art.


Nothing more hollow than

a man made of steam

who's sputtering and spurting

pushes empty promises forward

to another day flirting his flaws

in scattered echoes that

remind us how he was

such a bountiful ocean does

courageously, now evaporated

and shallow in all purpose.


Nothing more timeless than

a man made of stone

who's cold stare at our mistakes

forgets his grieving muse and

what lays bare to his soul

should it cast a shadow on our

desire recites over time what

we knew would transpire with

then and learn from his wisdom

to become who we are.


Nothing more stoic

than a man made of blood

who's hands are blistered from

toil for his family's well being

and never resisted any seeing or calling

to speak truth for it is his

power begins beyond any god

made by man who will rise

as the flesh holds all

precious contents within.


Nothing more heinous

than a man made of lead

who's deceit with all living

gives uneasy decisions for

gain under orders and leaves

the mind queazy as he rains

down his harm to those who would

not hear his lies for the

thunder of empire he

gathers all our dust in trade.


Nothing more balanced

than a man made of salt

whose firm ethics are moral

with whomever he waits with

no matter to consequences how great

as they are freely awarded to

him as he ponders what

next journey wonders hold

for all of our days

spent healing each other.

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