Friday, April 3, 2015

All weeks are holy all weaks

All weeks are holy all weaks
are wretched but all wonks are
focused as all fossils get noticed
when all Time flows marrow
as when will we be narrow for
only creeps are as creepy as a
dream that is not sleepy but
sing a praise for freedom is
wanted and no justice is here
flaunted for we become the holy
just as all is bound for glory
within everything connected not
governed but respected out of
your laws of lawless and we pity
your dogma is flawed so best not
invite a drama where a post is
holding our mantra for the non-
violent revolutionary from two
millennia ago stood up to the govs
and they willed him to otherwise
follow then killed him as he travels
through other dimensions but please
as his name gets mentioned your
crosses have made him cry rivers
don't expect him to be what he was
ever he won't be back here for rabbits
of chocolate serve slave labor pundits.

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