Tuesday, September 29, 2015

semaphore pettifores

semaphore pettifores
in sweet secret definitions
of doggy bags kingdom
- going home after a long
nights romp in food land
jewels and tongue candy
sold for pennies on the
barrelhead - Don't blame
me for dreaming 'cause
it's my insulin now
mr. dude - this Age defies
gravity but exits Time
as it wants to on the
trip to all our dreams
at once - at twice - at
three we go to sea
shore to see the hour
glass factory before new
days to start again - it's
not the food - it's the
senses connectiveness to
those molecular peculiar
roasts and icing on the
cake - OH the sweet
poisons they invented
when we weren't looking

- Bastards all now as
we undo the pleasures
siege - Another road
for the boys at the bar

- pass the pretzels lad
while I adjust these
molded teeth in my throat

- I should've listened
to Grandma

- I should've listened
to grrandma

- I should've listened
to Grandymay

=Take my cigarettes - FINE!


= Take my whiskey - WHATEVER!

= But take my ice cream - that's
just cold, man...….

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