Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Silver platters I have beheld

Silver platters I have beheld
though only from as far
away as the wedge MAY
carry - use ALL Available
doctrines to co-sign any
Loan agreements apt to help
our Lost Business - fallible,
we now stand with all those
comrades we can help to adorn
escape measures - once the
castle is surrounded we can
improve our dogma to include
any misinfo we dare dream
of - this is how they have
succeeded against us - Force
spiritual, mental, physical
our doom becomes us once
we fathom deceit oozing
up from the well of freedom

- soon the hounds will upon
us and we must decide to
stand - NO - Withstand
the coming shock to our few
and then our whole - what
Time protects us now is
only as consistent as waves
countless foaming and failure
uninspired by our peers helps
will us toward greater sands

- fuller lives to quench our
thirst unchained…

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