Thursday, May 19, 2016

You can't hold candles up to a light in

You can't hold candles up to a light in
a sun parlor and expect to see a clear
picture of what exists in this surface of
non-committal dreams and want for the
ask… I have spent lives holding lust for
accounts of all my hearts broken and not
once did I receive any thanks for maintaining
a semblance of decorum or restraint in the
manner of revenge for any action thrown
in the mixture against me or my assigns…

The only way through this path is to vent
that love and accept the truth as though
it was a cycle to improve all that is sacred
in your life. Find all your inner demons and
expel them, or at the least, keep them tied
up in chains in the well of fear, never to
find their way out of your Qi evermore.
This is my advice to advance toward a better
understanding of any and all conditions
that we encounter with the various storms
of life thrown at our wants and needs…

You my young one, who is embarking on this
wonderful journey on this sphere need to
understand the more of the Time in this the
space and the history of all that you wish to
follow and emulate toward a similar goal…

It is your generation that now holds a key to
continue in the great balance of all that is
poised to exist on this Time plain and to
take that key to unlock a further secret that
all the gens before you - such is the aspect
of discovery, knowledge, and ultimately the
wisdom, which is at the root trial why we
are here - to accumulate all answered
questions and fulfill the Akashic Records
expanding the sum of all that is.


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