Tuesday, May 3, 2016

I've been to Kansas in the dark and saw

I've been to Kansas in the dark and saw
the fields of wheat and heard irrigation
pumps you like a wild dream of invasion
through which you plummet but wish
you had learned more covers of ZZ Top.

I've been to Las Vegas in the blinding
daylight's heat so dry your head lost
it's head on spin with porn all around
you but none to be ordered in as we
filmed my tv show on the strip's fly.

I've been to Massachusetts with the
radio on, (Jonathan), and always
remembered to remember the power
accordionist with the Ampeg amp
at my great-grandparents anniversary.

I've been to New york City in the snow
rain and hail of fire as I watched the
changing guard kill the spirits of character
that made this city great so much so that
I stayed to witness the false flag chorus.

I've been to Seattle where Hendrix and
Cobain got off first and last while I got
to hold urges against my husbandry vows
and let all those pretty bodies glide past
my erect vicissitudes while left in sadness.

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