Wednesday, August 19, 2015

always kept promises at arms length

always kept promises at arms length
which is not to say I wouldn't keep
being human as fault and being
trusted has many vaults and being
being has it's arms wrapped around
lovers excuses and other gifts that
may expire at a notice in moments…

always kept secrets at arms length
when trust became a virtue but
could not afford a fee toward any
purchase final or value of offer
sometimes legal to give away if
part is chosen to cause harm or
misdeeds but who is to say...

always kept bullshit at arms length
sometimes it can save you and if
it gets thrown in your court then
be prepared to detect it without
denial else to become devoured by
men more vile than imagination can
render tangible toward life refined…

always kept family at arms length
time is often as they will use it up
no obligation to help and forgive
disappoint on the major scale taken
so cannot cope manner of all crazy
then must decide who gets the next
phone call…

always kept fantasy at arms length
when the need for escape trumps
need for enjoy while all gets lost
during the folly of foley and return
to mere pleasure for mindless rot
in seeking non-fortune for something
is not what it seems as life will be...

always kept comfort at arms length
most through no fault of my own as
I struggle with canon the rest always
elusive when given to vultures who
crow at my nest and never welcomed
who as guest with bone numbing tides
turned against me each night...

always kept dreams at arms length
to protect me from unforgiven waves
used to proclaim sleep as it's own
minion until the only resolve told is
realized that this exists elsewhere in
the zillion fold of Time and I think it
will be alright if I remain calm...

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