Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Animals have telepathy

Animals have telepathy
and can communicate across
great distances…hence…

thistle MAN, he played one

propaganda in a can
nuisance of bliss
the forward plan of the
great controllers behind
the communicators
birth of a nation
how it will contain
(attention ALL socialist
beards - Get Organized)
Not much TIME

leading us all into
temptation for their
own gains
where the wolf wears a
sheep's coat and charges you
debt for
the privilege to watch the
dance, but not share in
the Buffet…

Shame us unto disbelief
hierarchy of hoodwinkdom
honor among the hopped up
Be still lest you awaken
slipping through the cracks
of honesty
somebody called me
a stranger

take care of these Times
once the damage was
only a tribute to conscience
what goes down only
makes us desperate
proscribe protein >>>

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