Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Once removed from happy-ness

Once removed from happy-ness
twice removed from sorrow -
it's only Time that we live
here in - Not a complex context
or content to be content…

When you feel an exit coming
on, follow thru - but never
ever follow the leader except
in childhood games or band
rehearsal… I get the feeling
you're done with me but I
don't know what to do about
that… mean for myself…

I always fail the one who
says to keep relentless
= And so we will stage an
appearance of animal lust
all over the shower and bed
but if you don't tell anyone
what Time it is, how can you
be absolutely certain that the
broken clock is correct twice
a day at the least, three at
the most and whatever you
do don't touch the lever or
the laboratory blows up and
then we have to exit the
theatre - AND for gods sake
don't loose change.^^^^^...

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