Friday, October 23, 2015

What will you do about

What will you do about
tomorrow… When the dog
bites you and the bear fights
you - As the wind calms you
before the storm hits your
mother's house on a hot night
in August… What will you
say you could honestly admit
that this Time really made a huge
difference in your life as you
roll over playing dead as the
band plays a song from our
distant past and it never
made all your sense then
but now it makes perfect
will you call some one to tell
them of your astounding revelation
- will it be me? I would
surely listen in utter amazement
and promise I would not say
that I told you so despite
the enormous temptation to do
so because we both know I
was right - In the finality
of it all though, would it
really make all that much of
a difference… yeah it
would, but right now you
don't see it yet - The
wind is a distraction
on your voucher toward
a new purchase of corporate
folly from the windows of
their hell - poured over all
of our replacements as we
dangle over the edge with
our regrets tearing apart the
fabric of all passions - you'll
never see it coming as it rips
apart your cushions and shreds
all comforts and devours all
sustenance so that Times cupboard
is in a state of virtual appeasement

- All bets off - All minds
clogged - All sums of wisdom
outlawed in a vortex of naught.

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