Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Beauty oh poetry what drawings

Beauty oh poetry what drawings
and strings played and plucked
flayed and sucked made and
phucked until dawns light. How
we displayed our youth wide open
while the Beats begat Beatles
begat synonyms for early
retirement parties now crushed
by wall street cronies looming
over the streets of justice/injustice
sipping what I know is hyper
shitty - we need to explain to
our others how their needs
have exploded onto more
recent developments than are
required by law (who's Law? - Not
our Law…) - we the people
in order to rightful ordain
our truth by numbers do solemnly
swear to give the oligarchic
Koch-suckers a pow, right
in the kisser of death - as
merrily we roll along to gain
much needed warnings to walmart
shoppers and their employees every-
where how bad it will become.
Never admit defeat - Always
stand for Truth and Love. #######

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