Wednesday, December 16, 2015

She sits alone in her room

She sits alone in her room
watching worlds collide on
the distract-0-Plate - More
Gobs of color and numerals
set into motion than an average
Einstein could have imagined.
We await an eruption from
next door as the components
for the musical devices lie
dormant in closets near and
far…As for the woe I
often carry in my heart
and the sudden death I
wear on my sleeve, there
is still doubt after
ALL this spent Blood - I
was minding my business when
taken by surprise I got
erected into a statue - A
pose at every corner and
a corner for every deli -
Please Don't get me wrong or
Left here for that is where
I am Now - beholden to a
- A… - Another Time, and
Place, but it's just the
path I walk next to

- For, on it, I never
Understood the matters
of many, many WHATS.

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