Friday, December 18, 2015

you only have to say it once

you only have to say it once
until you've said it over a
hundred times - Go Look
in the mirror of onslaught
to realize How Vacant the
House has become - we had
things to do and did them
- we had dreams to dream
and we dreamt them - we
had plans and almost got
stuck in the mire, or at
least the spending came to a
grinding halt - that's when
I knew things were not as
real as before - Hey, not
so fast there Mr. Freem
you ain't the spring chicken
you used to be - nor are you
the boy of summer on that
porch stealing flesh for the
Learning curve of derived
pleasures…well that's
the way my time is spent.
more so than any amount of
money I ever had to use on
survival - Not where the
deer play - but where all
else has failed to promote
any other Dreams we all
had. So take your valor
and bury it behind me in
a place I can't find.

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