Friday, April 29, 2016

Bla - e - Blob… I always loved

Bla - e - Blob… I always loved
pictures of naked people over
over Time lost on a cup of forgive
while the circus screams in
the background of inner focus
for all worthwhile prescriptions
kept in the drawer of waiting
for help to arrive but never
does… when I see the eye-
lash monster look at me
seriously and tells our peers
to become our enemies
when does the clock go
wrong when it turns back from
when it was engaged to a
piper in a pink lame´suit
as if such nonsense exists
in our universe of shame…
when you drove me to live
and I paid the toll of fortune
not guaranteed by prophets
awash'd in ecocide journals
or non coherent scribbles
by charlatan artists I sent
to the grave for matters un-
rehearsed… make them all
aware of it's existence for
Time is not alone but will
surely miss the bus if we
all stop talking - then the
last seance of babbling
like an idiot's ghost on fire
will be content as soon as
dinner is done cooking on
the facts of stove -
Bla - e - Blob...

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