Saturday, February 20, 2016

once a craft became a vision for seminal

once a craft became a vision for seminal
wavering justified through thoughts given
flight by way of processed cheeze ongoing
to town to get a simple pie man to play bass
in our band of strokes and cloaks and while
for blokes willing to sacrifice their sisters
virginity for something as lame as shallow
video game whose title escapes me as the
way it always does and we are who we are.

another rogue another ivy twaddle per se so
see by another composite brought fourth is
easy as pie to the men who blast fortunes out
of reach of babies daddies tried to do what is
right for the left they proceed only once will
be twice and three is what charm you throw
under bus under wear under facts get caught
in stares of unabundance will be our undoing
so on we travel in the vehicle of forgiveness.

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