Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Another full of baloney doctrine to

Another full of baloney doctrine to
keep the masses occupied while
their fruits get stolen by the kings
of the world…

the claims to all you toiled for
you poured out sweat for what
you gave tears for what you
spilled your blood about…

make no mistake they are the
harbingers of selfishness and
mockery of the justice the truth
and the love…

their only goal is to take yours
for they believe in their hearts
that it is all theirs and all theirs
alone period…

put spit upon them and stink
and mire to thrust into all of
their enlightenments and give
them no quarter otherwise…

above all place utmost pity on
them and all they hold dear in
life for it is they who will never
pass into the next sphere...

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