Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Wholly holy pudding and pi kissed

Wholly holy pudding and pi kissed
the girls and made them weep against
eternal nocturns as we proceed forward
toward the backward nation amerika
has become… (become?!).

We will never accept any unholyness
chosen narratives spewed out by media
that is really very bad entertainment as
we splat on couches not yet paid for and
muddle forth in houses soon to be empty
of us and our pathetic belongs as if belong
is any proof of being long once the safety
valve is stuffed with values less wondered.

Once I was duped into sweet propagandanistical
secret-ions of bliss to fulfill any questions
as to authenticity of who was the true
oppressed and taken out, out of their context,
shit taken out of life for the sake of what
… shitty cheap furniture? - Crap TV and
bloated sports teams? Loser entertainers?
Predators loans and food that will kill you???

I am the lady and I doth protest more than
any of your extreme shallow prothesis of a
life served to you on platters of, not gold,
but platinum, while we swallow uranium
with our daily bread and will NEVER
forgive your trespasses against us, you
most wholly evilest of the evil vile

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