Monday, February 29, 2016

Run, Marilyn, Run…

Run, Marilyn, Run…
run as if your live dependant on it
like an old rock man/child/woman
thing that you iz with things all
around you with many other things.

Run, Marilyn, Run…
give the girls and boys more time to
think and lose thought brought back
in Time by you brian, 'cuz you are
the glove worth smellin' you iz.

Run, Marilyn, Run…
while the poor people scratch heads
as to what you mean as 'ART' well
i know what you does as 'Art' only
I know what it really iz called - WEAK!

Run, Marilyn, Run…
i would throw out a floatation device
for you, but it's better just to wait and
see when attitude and proportion give
you all the balance needed to trip.

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