Wednesday, April 6, 2016

I saw a thought drift

I saw a thought drift
by and cascade into a sea
of opinions. Ripe for the
season, I tried to grab it as
it floated by but came up
empty. So I went down to the
local ice cream parlor
instead - And there  it was…
The perfect scoop of the
cream of the ice. It was
on sale, 2 for one, or a
penny for your thoughts
which I lost over the sea
of opinions, (remember?).
Such is the stance of
ever vigilant maneuvers.
Thus, by my own accord, a
new balancing act. Conceived
in corduroy, and birthed
in Brazil, (a nut, you say…)
only to find the cheap
outer chorus of monotonous
droning of chimpanzees,
each humming his & her own
stanzas of sweet bliss on
the open plains. And there was
another thought this time,
but I caught it just in time.
Took it home and showed it
to my wife. "That's nice dear"
she uttered without a silence
-- and it all could be yours if
the price is right.

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