Sunday, April 10, 2016

Your vibrations sometimes irk me

Your vibrations sometimes irk me



I left all your bullshit with

swollen heels, just stood my

ground and how that feels

my cause taken lightly so

much it floats while others

swallowed your junk like boats

to beat me down you can't succeed

I know the truth and it made

me bleed your things not wanted

I've found you out I will not

sell my passions out so I go

now on a merry way and do

tell others to keep away from

your death grip viper horned

which crass ideals used

bullets mourned should

be reversed towards

slimy holes we will not

sacrifice our souls for any

promise made unkept and hungry

eyes whose talent wept so

make your fun and tidy store

but we won't be part we're

not you whore ( • )

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