Saturday, December 6, 2014

maybe I insulted him

…maybe I insulted him… maybe I embarrassed her… maybe I made them think that maybe it's a whole new world... maybe we could get together… maybe it's not worth repeating, but I've traveled far and wide to see the suicide girls perform the glasses dance on my birthday in the snow…

maybe I could try another angle… maybe there is much more going on than just the average peoples can imagine in the vortex of time displacements, or the show always starts late because everybody's watch is broken… maybe the reason for that is the energy we place in our fear set...

maybe I am just kidding myself… maybe I try too hard or maybe not enough… maybe you could help me, but I'm going to walk in the rain for a while smoking this herb to clear my mind as I ponder the persnicketous question: Is there even life on Earth, and does it really care about humanity itself?

maybe I don't use the right gestures at meetings and gatherings… maybe it's my breadth… maybe I should just keep my mouth shut, as it alienates everyone around me because I do in fact know more about the truth than the majority of all I meet… maybe…….

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