Friday, December 5, 2014

bacteria rising gives birth to banal

bacteria rising gives birth to banal
switches of concepts better left to the
long dead beat poets of your, (yore) as the
hollow point bullets soar for the conquering
democracy they declared was utopia but in
reality and truth was a hell set upon all non-
whites on this earth the likes this history has
ever seen before or since…

The state requires us to believe and submit
to relinquish and commit our one true given
up as the only way going forward in the land
of the pilgrim's pride, as grim as it ever was
and to keep us safe here by killing all of them
over there as they have lied to us since forever
has past and always is their lie…

sanitize history and you risk all future gens to
swallow poisons and not be true to this life's
substance or allow any thoughts to critique the
imposed authority that is governed by the power
of eldest white family rules for it is they who
will be made to suffer if we stand united on this
sacred word of real and unabated freedom not
the phony lies of prime time hocus-pocus wool
over eyes marketing paid for by shills of their own
mother's soiled milk spring…

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