Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Turquoise missiles leave patterns of

Turquoise missiles leave patterns of
air upon strangers lives like no matter
of facts given during the least of press

Helium lifts our spirits gingerly
as no-one gives us head balloons now
that the soda machine only accepts
dollar bills and all i have left are dimes
in sequence depending on whose
squalor gets noticed by some middle
class liberal goofus first…

The self righteous will not inherit the
earth as they think is rightfully theirs
so just forget that ridiculous concept
right now for it is the dreams of the
down-trodden that matter most to my
ilk thank you very much mother fucker
and as for the turn out in the police line
well i can't place fault for their human
insecurities when it comes to arrest and
torture imprisonment and decline of
life forever now that corp HQ has gone
and become the ruling elites jerk off
douchebag holders of what is it again?…

same boats all sink equally...

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