Thursday, March 17, 2016

you should all have a respect

you should all have a respect
and reverence for your Time
- for all Time for that
matter for it really matters…
Time is the Space we exist
and ignite in - it is the
road we travel - the Blood
and Flesh held together by
Time - the Heart and Soul
bonded in Time - the Mind and
Brain pieced together within
the puzzle of Time… do not
be beholden to the clocks and
watches - they are just a minute
portion of man made machinery to
symbolize the containment of Time
beautiful mechanisms and slight
tributes to mans genius for
passive technology - but only
a small and brief testimony to
Time itself - pure Time is
where we all are now, and other
aspects of raw Time is where
we will return… the passage of
Time is un-recordable in its
total scale - it is a faint
whisper of Time - to track its
duration with devices and
instruments is the best we can do to
understand the concept of Time, but
to grasp its fabric in Space is
an understanding for another Time...

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