Thursday, March 3, 2016

Animal paintings reversed in spacial pastures given

Animal paintings reversed in spacial pastures given
license to adapt one another within the last verbs
written from atop my loft o'er the great state of
Kansas garage factory where i rest my cases in.

Only nude photos once exhibited in the Newark
Public Library, (yea, those many Time signatures
ago), were thought a gift i gave to you and them
not once forthoughten that true gifts rendered inert.

Time thus passed and wounds remained open all
throughout my journeys here as i watched in utter
horror the has been freaks work the room of the
money changers and the priests of fakery.

Was only a brief glimpse from what i gathered upon
to witness the thought dreams escaped after decisions
made to erupt my Times kept in a vault of which i
paid dearly only to destroy years later on the farm.

Here now immersed in the final outcrop vestiges
used in unforgiven squalor and zeal perplexed ions
have given rebirth to sounds and words forgotten
only lifted once more as phoenix rises with scorn.

                                   end part I

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