Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Seismic Wooly Bully's congregation met

Seismic Wooly Bully's congregation met
abusive language on the corner steps of
heart broken church all a gust wind needs
to refresh the Fresh Prince of Chevy Bel-Air
in a Heinz 57 sauce baked until graphite
freezes over while matters of your Auntie's
fine cooking gave way to glimpses to her
undergarments of which there were many.

Always on the prowl for a quick escape
uttered my dearest friend in all the world
(that being Neptune, chicken of the sea),
leaves a paltry sum of absolved varieties
both in Absinthe and choco beans for
which there is no turning back from the
most heavenly sight of garden delite of
(yea) your Auntie's undergarments on
the finest spring morning as I undergo
surgery for a vulgarity replacement
but there's nothing like the smell of old
concepts brought to the table of regards
to Broadway and beyond.

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