Monday, March 21, 2016

was it a brief perhaps of notes in

was it a brief perhaps of notes in
discovered caves of thought but
light came to us in a dream and
we cashed out all current wood
and wire for a song worth sung
and a hymn worth hummed but
that imagines a stretch of Time's
engine to endure, engulf, and end
at the precise moment fractured
while all manner of bliss is both
contained and contrived forward
of wading in sorrow's pity for every
last rite to give unity is laid down
before us…


then hence disregard for palettes
unhealing and pitch is the virtue
where volume has no ceiling and
skill can be undone and redone for
many is the price paid to escape that
plan though i always thought discipline
kept me at study until i discovered your
sweet burning passion left on the covers
and grown at a moment but though
never equaled was always worth giving
a notice more bitter than ever foreseen…

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