Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Burnin in hell with all the other saints

Burnin in hell with all the other saints
sinners rule heaven on our self-inflicted
restraints while borders are chosen with
meetings of cynical rulers with loud baits
I wander thru evil all around me while
innocence stands and abates.

Cylindrical coffers to hold all our booty
leave rationale science to the right of
some snooty being all tucked into Hi-Rez
pix of my fresh shaven cooty this never
was art despite my misfortunate resumé
since all art is objectified fruity.

All I have then offered is left of the table
while some unfortunate soul has less than
is fabled or have succeeded over the wall
and fled as is able unless caught with the
center of attention and drifts forward
with ancient verbs and superfluous labels.

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