Sunday, March 20, 2016

walk a simple trust in light we bare

walk a simple trust in light we bare
all our lies to dissolve in the soup
of humanity upon once we heard
stories that taught us values not so
redeemable at any abominable store
box but many lessons worth more to
children be made to listen and then
understand what treasure really means
to all that lives upon the earth.

as I grow and reflect within my Time I
would pass here during this sphere there is
only one fortune to bequest upon any if any
heirs of those of you reading this beyond my
years given will and should become aware
of all I tell you now which is the fortune
of truth and this truth will sting and cause
great discomfort in your life for most of
what gets told are the lies of the victors
we are not of their side ever for now.

was always this way so this cogent wisdom
I can inspire towards you and your people
is all that I can bring from beyond the void
and that is the fact jack and don't forget to
thank my spirit for the tip of the cosmic
hat or the wink of Time's eye my dear one
for it is you who truly matter now that
there is even less quality left here.

but do not despair for you hold more keys
to success than you ever could consciously
realize and that is the first step to understanding
the truth and what it will bring to your life
and the quality of being to those you rightfully
call your equals friends family lovers and all
the faithful you can spread these words unto
for the myths of stories written past may
sometimes inspire but myths they always will
be and truth is what exists when you open
all senses to accept these gifts and the signs
that point to them for your sublime direction
will proceed to the next level of this journey.

Another vernal equinox

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