Sunday, January 31, 2016

Save your dings for auto bodies not

Save your dings for auto bodies not
guitar bodies which we need to blind
the wicked as they corrupt our cakes
and pleases given adjustment scales
of any proceedings that follow our
advice on twitter though i don't sub
/scribe to that folly and never will +

i see the sheeples gaze ever so vacantly
on various sizes of windows hand held
either or lap held ether or wall held lather
as blather informs now and Truth has a
slow leak in the inner tube of trust with
nary a place for man made gods as i find
out who steals the main course of please =

reach of stars not blinded in style or deft
rage beyond resubmissions and lonely
premonitions sweep under tides of echos
heard only in dreams less traveled if only
scraps of thoughts that entwine all production
of  solemn electrical blankets in passion of
chills and deceive is just a seven letter word π

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