Saturday, January 2, 2016

Heartless, heartless what they do in what

Heartless, heartless what they do in what
they do in all our names we will break
free we will prevail we will not give up
or in or out or down. We are everyone.

Feckless, feckless what they are in Truth
they reveal their lies and cover their asses
to gain a trust we know non-exists in our
own world us. We are everyone.

Careless, careless what they give for anyone
they have spent all moral codes and bought
murder mayhem and malignant construct
into our Time here. We are everyone.

Loveless, Loveless what they say they're not
they care for their own and theirs is all as we
are if and never cared for and never will for
matters not to them. We are everyone.

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