Thursday, January 7, 2016

Oh yea Mad Hattie it was the circus mommey

Oh yea Mad Hattie it was the circus mommey
who released all the orphans of hate into the
repertoire of Time/s end that leads us not
into temptation but to sickness and bankruptcy.

Whole was Zimmy once afore he had his family
threatened by the three letter sons of liberty (sic)
who eventually convinced idiots like me that the
only way toward suppression of Truth is to obey.

Never have i given in as when helios burned my
top and back so blistered that i wept whilst The
Nana gave comfort on my healing and all was
more the clear then to realize subtle potions.

Next came those old evil doers the catholics
as they scolded and lied scratched their heads
in befuddlement when I asked the questions of
Time took my gum and otherwise made me see
the light of their con game and history of shame
and sham and lo & behold how Truth I was.

Back to beddie bye then Mad Hattie for the real
plus sizes may never find the fit we wish to throw
at Zimmy or any of his oppressors of brown skins
we will seek Truth now until then and dogs may
bark in the distance but cats purr in our beds.

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