Friday, January 1, 2016

new years day

new years day

useless bygone era of wallow in all
that transpires within will patently
lead to some form of doubt amplified
by fear and tethered to a destructive
amour fou boasted by the slaves to ego
and other deconstructed notions of
movement without the just cause to
bear fruit toward the severed ideals
of demons in control…

here the Time mocks us as we try to
separate days from days, and moon
cycles from the earth orbit just to have
it all tidy and kept though each amplify
is only a false opinion like a leave on a
synthetic tree in the mall of capitalist
exploitations and hollow everywhere
are the voices of oppressed peoples who
have no say in the society they are ruled
in but whose voices are sustained always
in the Time that exists in forever is the
Time of true purpose…

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