Sunday, January 3, 2016

sweetheart parochial fundaments condiments

sweetheart parochial fundaments condiments
left beside a road more wornout mobsters
gleam towards better understate as drifting
pursuit bears giving a protect for Truth calm.

we live here now and regret ancestral decides
for reasons we can only repent by our morals
decadence removing approval for any decisions
made by white misanthropic stolen authority.

destructions eve comes further close than ever
thought thinkable when starve is norm to give
and kill is norm to wage as i watch the machines
swoop down on them as i wash my disgust in spirits.

no matter perceived will ever offer any condolence
to poor unkept children and their family watches a
vigil in the sky and hear a thunder manmade that
will bring death in numbers quite obscene standards.

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